Artista: Super Paradise
Álbum: Quençebo
Sello: Jigsaw Records
De: Londres / Milán
Género: Garage Pop


Originally from Milan, Italy but now based in London, this is the first outing for the enigmatic Super Paradise. The album starts off with the infectious “The F.C.”, a great opener, if there ever was one, with its classic synth arpeggios and driving rhythm, that propels it forward for an exciting three minutes. From there, we have the one-two punch of “Ties” and “Dawn”, a pair of anthemic noise-pop hits that actually remind me a lot of Jigsaw’s own American Culture. After a brief interstitial piece, we’re treated to a guitar-based version of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” (not knowing the original, I checked it out, and can safely say that Super Paradise have very much made it their own!), followed by a couple more noise-pop tunes, finally closing out with “Tonight”, a slow-building mini-epic. Barely over 20 minutes in length, you’ll have no problem hitting repeat on this rousing mini-album!

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