IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/10 #1

10 000 Russos – Station Europa
Actors – Cold Eyes
Aeon Station – Queens
Aimee Mann – Burn It Out
Alice Dreamt – Where It Bleeds
Alt-J – U&Me
Amyl And The Sniffers – Choices
Barry B – Taj Mahal
Bartees Strange – Weights
Bat Fangs – Action
Battosai – Mentira
Bilk – Billy Big Bollocks
Black Bats – Tell Me
Black Marble – Preoccupation
Blake – So Good
Blunt Bangs – She’s Gone
Bong Kitty – Naked By Nine
Boy Scouts – A Lot To Ask
Breeze – Ecstasy On Keele Street
Caliza – Abandona
Career Boy – Size Up
Carlos Gasca – El Faro
Checopolaco – Algo Que Decir
Circuit Des Yeux – Vanishing
Clarke And The Himselfs – Weighted Down
Collapse – Garden
Coloured Clocks – I Wanna Dance With You
Coma – Obviousm
Confeti De Odio – El Cielo Son Los Otros
Constant Smiles – Run To Stay
Corridor – Et Hop
Courtney Barnett – Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To
Cumgirl8 – Pluck Me
Damon Albarn – Royal Morning Blue
David Holmes – Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (Feat. Raven)
Dead Soft – Peace
Dives – Streets
Dynamo Stairs – Carnival
Eels – Good Night On Earth
Empath – Born 100 Times
Fauness – It Gets Better
Floating Room – Shimanchu
Flu Flu – Dead Inside (Feat. Moonsong)
Fotoform – You Set Fire To The Sun
Foxx Bodies – Runaway
Friends Of Cesar Romero – Baby How Long
Geese – Projector
Generationals – Mercy
Great Hare – Archipelago Of Dreams
Guppy – Aliens
Habibi – Somewhere They Cant Find Us
Hana Vu – Keeper
Hearts And Rockets – Square Eyes
Hembree – Operators (Feat. Bodye)
Hits – Static Drizz
Holm – Intelligent Moves
Ian Sweet – Fuckthat
Inhaler – Totally
Johnny Dynamite And The Bloodsuckers – Can’t Stop My Love
Julie Doiron – You Gave Me the Key
Karavana – Muertos En La Disco
Kerosene Stars – Get Up
Killer Workout – Get Off
King Princess – There She Goes Again (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Koko – Polar Wander
L.A. Witch – Ghost On The Highway (The Gun Club Cover)
La Jvnta – Qué Se Creéi
La Luz – Oh, Blue
Laura Jane Grace – Long Dark Night
Logan Lynn – Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck
Loose Buttons – First To Know, Last To Understand
Low Hummer – I Tell You What
Low Life – Agony & XTC
Malamute – La Oreja De Van Gogh
Mediocre – Waiting For Your Heart
Miles Kane – Caroline
Mo Tropper – The Expendables Ride Again
Moderate Rebels – You & Your Shadows
Morreo – Soy Un Rayo
Niña Polaca – Ivona (Voy A Decirle A Mi Madre Que La Quiero)
NoSo – Suburbia
Nylon Smile – Conduit
Onetwothree – Give Paw
Orchards – Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)
Palace – Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)
Pale Spectres – Supermarket Love
Parquet Courts – Black Widow Spider
Pavid Vermin – Half Of Me
Películas Geniales – Demasiado Tarde (Feat. Lucia Tacchetti)
Pillow Queens – Rats (Album Version)
Placebo – Beautiful James
Planet – Ship Won’t Change
Poomse – Vukovic
Portugal. The Man – Novocaine For The Soul (Feat. Sir Chloe) (Eels Cover)
Revolution Above Disorder – Illuminate
Ruidas – Uuu (Album Version)
Sad Park – Stuck
Scowl – Bloodhound
Semihelix – Will It Take
Sharon Van Etten – Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Sipper – Hatch
Sjöblom – Telephone
Sleep Overload – Demon Lights
Small Reactions – Speak And Dress
Snarls – Fixed Gear
Soccer Mommy x Kero Kero Bonito – Rom Com 2021
Spells – Fangirl
Spice – A Better Treatment
Spiritual Cramp – Walk Idiot Walk (Live In Studio) (The Hives Cover)
Spunsugar – Hatchet
Stars On Fire – Ready, Steady, Go!
Stomp Talk Modstone – Melissa
Strawberry Guy – Sun Outside My Window
Susto – Summertime
Team Picture – The Big Trees, The Little Trees
Telebit – Estar Vivo
The Garrys – It’s Over
The Great Leslie – See You Again
The Greeting Committee – Make Out
The Institutes – Alleyways
The Llamps – Indian Suicide
The Reds, Pinks And Purples – Waiting On A Ghost To Haunt You
The Retinas – Around It
The Shivas – Undone
The Smallgoods – On With The Show
The Zephyr Bones – Sparks
Thurst – Smack
Tree River – Sun
Tumiza – Tú Lo Sabes Bien
Turquoise – Tumulte
Venturi – Tranquilisimo (Israel B Cover)
Vigilantes – Fear & Loathing
Violentene – September Falls
Weakened Friends – Quitter
Wet Leg – Wet Dream
Wilo – Nave
Work Drugs – Want U Back
You Said Strange – Mourning Colors
Youth Sector – Self Exile

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