IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/08 #2

Absolutely Free – Interface
Adam & Elvis – The Landlord
Alan Mair – Eyes To The Sky
Alexa Rose – Big Sky
Alien Boy – Dear Nora
All Away Lou – Looks Right
Basement Revolver – Skin
Battery Operated Orchestra – Service Economy
Beach Riot – Wraith
Bigott – Local Mediation
Bilk – Love Is No Easy Game
Candy Smokes – Somethin Outta Nuthin
Carolina Durante – 10
Charlotte Cornfield – Headlines
Children Collide – Man Of The People
Chubby And The Gang – I Hate The Radio
Chvrches – The Killing Moon (Echo And The Bunnymen Cover)
Clear History – Solar Death Ray
Cor De Lux – Futures
Courtney Barnett – Before You Gotta Go
Cuello – Muy Dentro No Hay Día
Daniel B – Pain
Deafheaven – In Blur
Deb Never & Jim-E Stack – Sweet & Spice
Dirty Fences – Broken Saddle So
Dr. Dog – Here Comes The Hotstepper (Ini Kamoze Cover)
Dream Nails – Take Up Space
Dutch Criminal Record – Return To Dust
Ezrat – I Know What That’s Like
Fangst – Hjertet
Feet – Busy Waiting
Fehlt – Withdrawal
Film School – Said Your Name
Foxx Bodies – Bad Kid
Fruit Bats – Rocket (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
Geoff Palmer – The Apartment Song (Tom Petty Cover)
Goat – Fill My Mouth
Good Morning – Country
Guided By Voices – My (Limited) Engagement
Guns N’ Roses – Absuяd
Kidsmoke – Speaker Avenue
Local H – Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) (Looking Glass Cover)
Loose Buttons – Fell Into A Hole
Lunar Vacation – Mold
Lunatics On Pogosticks – Just Blame Me
Lurve – Right Moment
Magic Wands – Land Of My Dreams
McRae – Subjective
Meggie Lennon – Can’t Stop Us
Midnight Machine – Dizzy Like This
Midwife – Promise Ring
Mister Strange – Laughing Wall
Moaning Lisa – Cold Water
Motorists – Vainglorious
Mush – Clarion Call
Natalie Sweet – Video Phone
Nation Of Language – This Fractured Mind
One Step Closer – Chrysanthemum
Oscar Lang – Yeah!
Pageants – Please Hurry
Paragon Cause – Two To Play
Planet – Resign
Powersolo – That Pop Song (High Gravity Version)
Public Service Broadcasting – Blue Heaven (Feat. Andreya Casablanca)
Rainwater – Us Only
Rich Girls – La Novia
Say Sue Me – So Tender
Screensaver – No Movement
Sea Girls – Sick
Sea Power – Two Fingers
Second Thoughts – Nicotine Stains
Smirk – Minuscule Amounts
Spirit System – Lavender
Stranded – Back Country
Stuck – Labor Leisure
Sugarcandy Mountain – Wittgenstein
Talking Violet – Slowdance
Teedream – My Friend Penelope
Teen Blush – Kangaroo
The Blow – I’m Not In Love (10cc Cover)
The Catenary Wires – Canterbury Lanes
The Charlatans – Tellin’ Stories (The Go! Team Remix)
The Connells – Really Great
The Cribs – Swinging At Shadows
The Crystal Furs – Miss Hughes
The Howlers – Never Enough
The Raft – Hola, I Don’t Think So
The Resonars – Gold To Blue
The Third Sound – Dissociation
The Tubs – The Name Song
The Umbrellas – Lonely
The Vaccines – Alone Star
The Violent Hearts – Everything And Nothing
The Wandering Hearts – On Our Way
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Invading The World Of The Guilty As A Spirit Of Vengeance
Thrillhouse – What Next
Tidal Rave – Banana
Touché Amoré – Hard To Explain (The Strokes Cover)
Traitrs – Oh Ballerina
Traveling With Monika – Sartre
Turnstile – Fly Again
Ty Segall – Feel Good (Feat. Denée Segall)
Un.Real – You’re Smarter
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – That Life
Unto Others – Downtown
Vacation – Luminary Jerry
Wavves – Marine Life
Weezer – Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover)
Whimsical – Snail (The Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
Wings Of Desire – Outtamamind
Wooze – Mighty Cloud
Xenia Rubinos – Sacude
Zig Zag – I Care About You
Zukunft – Ruhrgebeat

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