IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/08 #1

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – Hit Reset
A Place To Bury Strangers – Playing The Part
Acid Dad – She Only Eats Organic
Actors – Only Lonely
Ada Lea – Damn
Alexalone – Electric Sickness
Always You – Have It Your Way
Aly & AJ – I Need My Girl (The National Cover)
Amyl And The Sniffers – Security
Angel Olsen – Safety Dance (Men Without Hats Cover)
April June – Summer Bruises
Avery Springer – Bored Man With A Knife
Brecha – Entre La Herida Y La Gloria
Bryan’s Magic Tears – Sad Toys
Buenatarde – Sensación De Pertenencia
Bugeye – Shake And Bake (Disco Panic Remix Darryl Blood)
Calicoco – Heal Me
Carb On Carb – Be My Mirror
Carolina Durante – Moreno De Contrabando
Clinic – Fantasy Island
Colleen Green – It’s Nice To Be Nice
Connie Smith – Here Comes My Baby Back Again
Cuello – Y Nació Libre
Deanna Petcoff – Failing Upwards
Dee Gees – You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees Cover)
Deerhoof – Department Of Corrections
Dirty Fences – Inside Out
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir – There Is No Spring
Droves – Operator
Dry Cleaning – Bug Eggs
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Pump It Up (Feat. Juanes)
Fagernes Yacht Klubb – Closed In By Now
Feels – Trash Island
Feet – Busy Waiting
Fehlt – Light Porcelain (Feat. Boshe)
Film School – Isla
Fruit Bats – Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
Funeral Lakes – Solstice
Geoff Palmer – Don’t Be
Girlfriends And Boyfriends – Your Touch
Glove – Behaviour
Glyph Talk – Best New Music
Good Thing – Killer Workout
Gunke – Mum
Gustaf – Book
H! – Stay At Home
Hanemoon – My Caravan
Hurry – Oh Whitney (Fake Ideas Version)
Ian Sweet – Yellow (Coldplay Cover)
Illuminati Hotties – U V V P (Feat. Buck Meek)
Inbetweeners – Grit
Indigo De Souza – Hold U
Jesse D’kora – Far From Home
Jungle – Truth
Karen Peris – I Would Sing Along
Kevin Robertson – Could It Be
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Catching Smoke
Kytes – The Beat Is On Hold
L.A. Exes – Baby Let’s Pretend
La Luz – Watching Cartoons
Latenight Honeymoon – Death By Hologram
Letten 94 – Empty Landscapes
Lice – Persuader
Lightfoils – 306
Lime Garden – Pulp
Los Jaguares De La Bahía – En Egipto Se Anda Así (Feat. Tiburona) (The Bangles Cover)
Low – Disappearing
Lucid Express – North Acton
Lump – Gamma Ray
Lunatics On Pogosticks – You’ll Feel Okay
Mac McCaughan – Dawn Bends
Manic Street Preachers – The Secret He Had Missed (Feat. Julia Cumming)
Mark Ronson – I Know Time (Is Calling) (Feat. Paul Mccartney & Gary Numan)
Marlow – Blame It
Matt Berninger – I’m Waiting For The Man (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Meatbodies – The Hero
Meggie Lennon – Victim Of Excess
Mellor – Vacant Stare
Midwife – Christina’s World
Mister Strange – High Heel Heavy
MNNQNS – Overseas
Mush – Peak Bleak
Namesake – I’m Sick
Night Tapes – In Poly Amber
Oberhofer – What Does It Mean To Me
Otro Juan – Desde Marte
Ouzo Bazooka – Monsters
P.E. – The Reason For My Love
Pageants – Feeling
Paragon Cause – Disconnected
Penelope Isles – Sailing Still
Petite League – Bad For Fun
Poder Fantasma – Kin
Porches – Okay
Rowan – One Of These Days
Sasami – Sorry Entertainer (Daniel Johnston Cover)
Schizophrenic Spacers – Victoria
Shame – Born In Luton (PVA Remix)
Shrag – Why Are You Here
Sitcom – Gutter
Sleigh Bells – Locust Laced
Small Reactions – New Age Soul
Smile – Hideout
Snapped Ankles – The Evidence
Snow Ellet – Wine On The Carpet
Spirit System – Deployer
Spud Cannon – Supersonic
Steady Holiday – Love Me 2
Stomp Talk Modstone – Untitled
Stuck – City Of Police
Superstate – Yoga Town (Feat. Valentina Pappalardo)
Syd – Fast Car
Teedream – I Guess We Can Date
Televisionaries – Charlotte Beach
Tennis System – Dizzy
Thanks For Coming – Panic (Feat. Lily Konigsberg)
The Academic – Not Your Summer
The Catenary Wires – Always On My Mind
The Connells – Steadman’s Wake
The Cribs – Never Thought I’d Feel Again
The Empty Threats – K
The Great American Novel – Grabbin’ A Slice
The KVB – World On Fire
The Lazy Eyes – The Island
The Linda Lindas – Oh!
The Ninth Wave – Maybe You Didn’t Know
The Ophelias – Sacrificial Lamb
The Reds, Pinks And Purples – Leave It All Behind
The Shivas – If I Could Choose
The Shortest Forever – Hope Shot
The Tubs – Illusion
The Umbrellas – Near You
The Wandering Hearts – Over Your Body
The Yellow Melodies – 7-11 (Ramones Cover)
The Zephyr Bones – Verneda Lights
Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Swim In The Rain
Tops – Party Again
Transistor – Silver Lining
Treeboy & Arc – Logistical Nightmare
Turnstile – Blackout
Un.Real – Nylon Pop
Vacation – Colored By Numbers
Velvet Sunset – Summer Night
Vial – Something More
Water From Your Eyes – Track Five
Waves Of Dread – Day I Did Nothing
Wavves – Thru Hell
Where We Sleep – Drive
Zukunft – Zeitgeist

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