IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/06 #1

2nd Grade – Favorite Song
93Millionmilesfromthesun – The View From Woodhead
Alice Longyu Gao – Legend (Feat. Alice Glass)
Always You – Black City Nights
Answers – Dreaming
Bachelor – Back Of My Hand
Backxwash – I Lie Here Buried With My Rings And My Dresses (Feat. Ada Rook)
Bad Luck. – Roy
Blackaby – Warm And Sweet
Blankenberge – No Sense
Bleachers – Stop Making This Hurt
Blue Orchids – Lucky Speaks
Carolina Durante – Famoso En Tres Calles
CFCF – Punksong
Cherym – Listening To My Head
Ciel – Never Alone Again
Cold Cave – Psalm 23
Corduroy – NLMN
Cumbie – Good
De Lux – What’s Life
Delivery – Floored
Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba – RGTQ
Dignan Porch – Mezmerized
Dinosaur Jr. – Hide Another Round
Dirishu6 – Dernier Round
Dirty Fences – Pony On
Doused – Ease
Ducks Ltd. – Get Bleak
Eades – 27 Years
El Buen Hijo – El Muro De Aljucén
English Teacher – R&B
Escuelas Pías – Exvotos
Fangst – Himmelen I Kveld
Fiddlehead – Million Times
Fur – The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life
Garbage – Wolves
Gebre – Dos Quarts De Sis
Geoff Palmer – Many More Drugs
Germ House – Manage The Line
Girl Ray – Give Me Your Love
Gone To Color – The 606 (Feat. Jessie Stein)
Grade School – Keep You Sane
Grande Amore – 25
Greta – Vibrant
Guardian Singles – Tea Lights Exploding
Gulfer – Look
Haru Nemuri – Seventh Heaven
Hause Plants – Melissa Smith (I Used To Make Out With)
Hawel/Mcphail – Pause Play
Hickeys – Circuit Lies (You Don’t Have To Know)
Holiday Ghosts – Off Grid
Hollow Graves – Swimming
Hurry – A Fake Idea
Idles – Damaged Goods (Gang Of Four Cover)
Iguana Death Cult – Meat Market
Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters – If You Only Knew
James – Isabella
Japanese Breakfast – Savage Good Boy
Jaws – Untitled
Joan Colomo – Currículum
John Grant – Billy
Julia Jacklin & RVG – Army Of Me (Björk Cover)
K.Flay – TGIF (Feat. Tom Morello)
Kokoshca – Te Sigo Esperando (Feat. Mujeres)
Kunst – Dry Tears
L.A. Exes – Skinny Dipping
L’Objectif – Burn Me Out
La Jetée – Copiloto
Les Envahisseurs – Do The Fonz
Lightning Bug – Song Of The Bell
Los Lobos – Sail On, Sailor (The Beach Boys Cover)
Loud Hound – Déjà Vu
Low Hummer – The People, This Place
Lucy & La Mer – Ooh La La
Lucy Dacus – VBS
Maita – Dumb (Nirvana Cover)
Malamute P. – Deprisa, Deprisa
Marina – Purge The Poison (Feat. Pussy Riot)
Maxïmo Park – Ardour (Feat. Pauline Murray)
Meat Wave – Tugboat
Medalla – Leviatán
Menta – Ocho Domingos
Modest Mouse – Leave A Light On
Mr Ben & The Bens – How Do I Get To You
Mujeres – Rock Y Amistad (Feat. Carolina Durante)
Nah… – Wellen Der Liebe
Niña Polaca – Joaquin Phoenix
No Suits In Miami – Buffy
Olivia Rodrigo – Brutal
Pastel Coast – Distance
Peacock Method – I Don’t Mind
Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra – Mend (Feat. Taylor Hawkins, Elliot Easton, David Bryan & Etty Lau Farrell)
Piper & True – Reach Above The Sky
Power Burkas – La Tòxica
Reigning Sound – A Little More Time
Río Arga – Piscinas Y Lagos
Robbing Banks – Uhu Uhu
Second Skin – Eyes Closed
Sennen – Forty Years
Señor Kino – Aurora Boreal
Senses – Harder Now (For Love)
Shake Some Action! – Wide Awake
Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen – Like I Used To
Sleater-Kinney – High In The Grass
Spector – Catch You On The Way Back In
Spinn – The Things She Says To Me
Squirrel Flower – Flames And Flat Tires
Static In Verona – Until You Go
Suns Up – (You’re) All I Want
SYBS – Llygaid
The Academic – Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)
The Baines – Like This Forever
The Black Keys – Poor Poor Boy A Long Way From Home (Bo Weavil Jackson Cover)
The Calls – Way Far Out
The Convenience – Kiss Me In Heaven
The Early Mornings – Days Spent
The Glow – Heavy Glow
The Laughing Chimes – Starlings
The Linda Lindas – Racist, Sexist Boy (Live At La Public Library)
The Pierce Kingans – To Lose
The Reds, Pinks And Purples – No One Absolves Us In The End
The Rightovers – Sunkiss
The Zolas – Yung Dicaprio
This Is Lorelei – Fix My Sink
This Is The Deep – Let Her Go
Turnstile – Mystery
Twin Shadow – Get Closer
UV-TV – Overcast Forever
Veda Rays – Dissonance
Velvet Sunset – Drive Me
Vistas – Dayglow
VR Sex – Lawyer Up
Wednesday – Handsome Man
Weezer – Sheila Can Do It
Whimsical – Gravity
Wild Honey – Me Dijeron Que Ya No Vives Aquí
Wombo – Just Like Time
World Smasher – Free

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