IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/04 #2

A Minor Place – Love
Actors – Like Suicide
Alavedra – T-Odio
All Hallowed – Haunt
Anum Preto – Pólos Opostos
Art D’ecco – Desires
Autogramm – Mantra
Bacon Radars – Lost In Town
Beach Youth – A Changed Man
Blue Ocean – Summer Of Hands
Bootblacks – Parallel
Candy – Challenger Deep
Chubby And The Gang – Lightning Don’t Strike Twice
Cine Nuria – La Renta
Civic – Back To You
Coach Party – I’m Sad
Cosmen – Teatro (Feat. Estrella Fugaz)
Courting – Crass
Cowboy Boy – Pet
Crumb – Balloon
Crystal Cities – The Unknown
Cucamaras – Death Of The Social
Cumbie – Pretty
Da Souza – Branca De Romaní
Dazy – See The Bottom
Deep Tan – Camelot
Desperate Journalist – Fault
Diamante Negro – Poliamor
Dirty Fences – One In Ten
Downhaul – Standing Water
Ducks Ltd. – As Big As All Outside
El Diablo De Shanghai – Laura
Eleventh Dream Day – Yves Klein Blues
En Mi Mente – Evidente
Fabio Viscogliosi – Dolce Song
Fanclubwallet – C’mon Be Cool
Fers – Mermaids
Fiddlehead – Heart To Heart
Field Mouse – PDA (Interpol Cover)
Fightmilk – Overbite
Flu Flu – Mi Apotema Personal
Food Fight – Shenanigans
Fundación Francisco Frankenstein – La Revelación De Los Máquinas
Future Prawn – Marshmallow Pie
Gaadge – Do What Now?
Galvao – Stargazer
Garçon De Plage – Pourquoi
Gel Set – Feed Me
Ghost Woman – Demons
Girl In Red – You Stupid Bitch
Glass House – Creep
Gorgeous Bully – Sick Of Everything
Grids & Dots – Dishes And Days
GRMLN – Are You Different
Groupie – Human Again
Guay! – Único En El Mundo
Guille Solano – Romance Romántico (Mujeres Cover)
Happymess – Runnin’ Outta Dreams
Islands – Set The Fairlight
Joan Colomo – Cançó Animada
Joana Serrat – Pictures
José González – Visions
Junco Y Mimbre – Equilibri
Kekko – Past Lives
Kokoshca – Regresando A La Ciudad
La Luz – Tale Of My Lost Love (Female Species Cover)
Lady Dan – Misandrist To Most
Lauran Hibberd – How Am I Still Alive (Feat. Lydia Night)
Lavender Blush – Sundays
Lightning Bug – The Right Thing Is Hard To Do
Lilac Queen – Fences
Lisasinson – Todo Me Da Igual
Liz Phair – Spanish Doors
Lógica Estelar – Sueños Lúcidos
Los Planetas – El Antiplanetismo
Los Sustos – Hysteria
Loud Hound – Get U High
Lucy Dacus – Hot & Heavy
Lunarette – Messing
Lunation Fall – Sweet Misery
Lux Lisbon – Luna Can I Kiss You?
Marta Movidas – No Entiendo Los Vínculos Sexo-Afectivos De La Postmodernidad (Feat. Manuel Leunam)
Mäsh – Water Floods
Massage – Half A Feeling
Mazy – You Got Me
Methyl Ethel – Neon Cheap
Mia Maria Johansson – Devil’s Dance
Mickey 9s – MK Ultra
Micra – Undercover Lover
Mitski – The Baddy Man
Miya Folick – Torn (Natalie Imbruglia Cover)
MØAA – Flashlight
Moontype – Anti-Divinity
Nathan Roche – America Again
New Candys – Begin Again
New Pagans – Natural Beauty
Nick Waterhouse – Vincentine
No Kill – Swooning
No Museums – Does It Still Attack?
Nuevos Hobbies – Cuando Quieras
Oscar Lang – Stuck
Paul McCartney – Slidin’ (EOB Remix)
Pink Chameleons – Hot Dog
Polar Klub – The Devil (Lives In My Flat)
Pony – Swore
Power Burkas – Vull Cotitzar
Ratboys – Collected
Red Fang – Arrows
Rehearshed Living – Don’t Let Me Go
Remember Sports – Out Loud
Reverie Lagoon – Heal Me
Ryan Allen And His Extra Arms – Fortress
Saccades – On Your Mind
Sad Park – I Should
Sam Valdez – Palms Casino
Sexy Zebras – Tonterías
Shine – Stare Into The Sun
Silver Synthetic – In The Beginning
Silverbacks – She Cut Her Hair
Sindy – Real Tennis
Sinead O’brien – Kid Stuff
Sky Is Alright – Mistress Pessimist
Slow Down Molasses – Street Haunting
Songs For Snakes – Hold Fire
Special Friend – Forest
Squirrel Flower – Hurt A Fly
St. Vincent – The Melting Of The Sun
Stumps – This Is Why We Fall Apart
Submotile – Microdose
Sunstinger – Shadows
Tambourina – Acknowledge You
Team Picture – Phantom Limb
Teenage Fanclub – In Our Dreams
Ten Tonnes – Everything You Got
The Catenary Wires – Mirrorball
The Derevolutions – I Want My Rock N’ Roll
The Early Mornings – Blank Sky
The Hannah Barberas – Party From Hell
The Kensingtons – My Mystery Celebrity
The Knocks – Devil’s Haircut (Feat. Foster The People) (Beck Cover)
The Limit – Black Sea
The Loved – Sometimes
The Natvral – New Year’s Night
The Pivettas – Old Mess
The Reds, Pinks And Purples – The Record Player And The Damage Done
The Rotanas – Manic
The Routes – Society
The See-Saw – At Any Time
The Telewire – What Did You Expect
This Is Lorelei – Garbage
Tiny Little Houses – Car Crash
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Quarantine Blues
Traveling With Monika – Chaos
Triptides – Hand Of Time
True Faith – Leucovorin Rescue
Tulip – Traes La Noche
Vancant Stares – Drown Down
Veik – Château Guitar
VR Sex – Minor Case
Wavevom – Amphetamines
Welcome Familiar – Twelve
Whimsical – Sweet Valentine (Motorhome Cover)
Wilderado – Head Right
Winter McQuinn – Agent Apple Orange
Wurld Series – Grey Men
XO – End Of Days
Yagow – Rise & Shine
Yee Loi – Be Like Johnny

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