IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/02 #2

Actors – Strangers
Adult Books – Florence
Alex Lahey & Gordi – Dino’s
Altre Di B – Peacock
Anarchy 99 – Angel Wing Paradise
Anna Over – Everytime
Anum Preto – Além Do Bem E Do Mal
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Five Aces
Beach Bunny – Love Sick
Big Mother Gig – The Underdog (Feat. Leah Wellbaum)
Bored At My Grandmas House – Summer
Cala Vento – El Acecho (¿Cómo Se Para De Llorar?)
Cathedral Bells – Ghost Dream
Caution – Buy My Life
Cherry Glazerr – Big Bang
Children Collide – Trampoline
Citizen – Blue Sunday
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – New Fragility
Closer – Landslide
Cloud Nothings – Nothing Without You
Clubwater – Regret
Confeti De Odio – Viernes Siento Amor (The Cure Cover)
Cool Ghouls – The Way I Made You Cry
Cosmen – El Baúl Del Monje
Crystal Canyon – Pollyanna
Crystal Cities – Terrified Of Your Love
Da Souza – Pep
Danny Elfman – Love In The Time Of Covid
Dazy – Weatherman Got It Wrong
Dean & Britta – Neon Lights (Baxter Street Bounce) (Kraftwerk Cover)
Death From Above 1979 – One + One
Dentist – Don’t Let Me Catch You
Despair Jordan – Rhapsody In Black
Det Jordiska – Demeter Ringer Ofta
Devon Kay & The Solutions – Oh My, Oh My, We’re Far Past That Now
Diamante Negro – Cobi
Dignan Porch – Simulation One
Django Django – Waking Up (Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
Dry Cleaning – Strong Feelings
Editrix – The History Of Dance
Escuelas Pías – Lenguas Muertas
Eve 6 – Black Nova
Evripidis And His Tragedies – Bitter (Feat. The Ballet)
Fairy Godmother – The Way You Drive
Flyying Colours – OK
Francis Of Delirium – Let It All Go
Fruit Bats – The Balcony
Future Teens – Guest Room
Gender Roles – Dead Or Alive
Glitterer – Life Is Not A Lesson
Graham Hunt – Scraping The Road
Grrrl Gang – Honey Baby
Happymess – Over The Seasons
Hause Plants – Visual Diaries
Hooveriii – Control
Island – Octopus
Itchy Self – B What You B
Jennie Vee – Wild Flower
Joy – Dirty
Kali Masi – Trophy Deer
Kaz Mirblouk – Guesswork
King Khan Unlimited – Modern Frankestein
Kings Of Leon – Echoing
Kiwi Jr. – Tyler
Las Dianas – Leggins Rotos
Layten Kramer – When A Love’s Not Around
Lights That Change – Fall Apart
Lithuania – Jesus Year
Liz Phair – Hey Lou
Love In October – Alone
Low Hummer – Never Enough
Major Murphy – In The Meantime
Megane Mercury – 31 De Enero
Meril Wubslin – Là Autour
Midnite Snaxxx – Fight Back
Miss Grit – Grow Up To
MNNQNS X Servo – Magic Fence
Moontype – About You
Motorama – Azure Height
Mush – Hazmat Suits
Nana Yamato – If
Nervous Dater – Tin Foil Hat
Nervous Twitch – Boredom And Dissatisfaction
New Madrid – It’s OK (2 Cry)
Night Beats – New Day
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – We’re Gonna Get There In The End (Demo)
Noods – Donkey Kong
Octubre – Otro Despertar
Ora The Molecule – Creator
Outlaw Boogie – Those Damn Dudleys
Palberta – Big Bad Want
Palehound – How Long
Phantom Handshakes – No Better Plan
Pizza Crunch – Coma-Inducing Gibberish
Pom Poko – Andy Go To School
Potty Mouth – Let Go
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Sawtooth Monkfish
Radio Supernova – Muukalaiset
Rare Monk – Furnace Glow
Rat Columns – I Can’t Live On Love
Remember Sports – Pinky Ring
Rose City Band – Lonely Places
Rothrigo – Did It Again
SecoSecoSeco – Uranio
Senses – Drop Your Arms
Shady Groves – Like You
She-Beast – Oh, Darkness
Small Crush – Home
Smirk – Eyes Conversing
SPC Eco – The Way We Were
Speed Stick – Twin Collision
Spirit Of The Beehive – There’s Nothing You Can’t Do
Spunsugar – (You Never) Turn Around
State Drugs – Good Enough
Strata Florida – Ghost
Suave Martyrs – Cascades Of Gold
Sullen Eyes – How It Should Be
Swansea Sound – I Sold My Soul On eBay
Sweet Soul – Some Nerve (Album Version)
Tampa – Iwbym
Tele Novella – Paper Crown
Th Da Freak – Big Stash (Feat. Pretty Inside)
The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Rose Tinted Glass
The Chills – You’re Immortal
The Flamingo Jones – Clock Train Boogie
The Lanes – There’s A Locked Up Safe
The Lazy Eyes – Where’s My Brain
The Natvral – Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore
The Pleasure Holes – One Day
The Stammer – Burden On The Living
The Vaccines – High Horse (Kacey Musgraves Cover)
The Weather Station – Parking Lot
Thrillhouse – Flawed Design
Toledo – Sunday Funday
Traveling With Monika – Break Down These Walls
Viajes Berlier – Última Llamada
Vida En Marte – El Crescendo Del Karma
Violet – Fade
Vosotras Veréis – Flores Y Aspersores
Waves Of Dread – Twilight
Weekend Debt – Why Don’t You Realise
Wings Of Desire – Be Here Now
Winter – Violet Blue
Woody Murder Mystery – Generique
Yee Loi – Search And Destroy (The Stooges Cover)

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