IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/01 #2

A/lpaca – Beat Club
Aiko El Grupo – Amigos Para Nunca (Confía Y Te La Lían)
Antonioni – Mouth Breather
Axolotes Mexicanos – Que Te Pires
Azita – Online Life
Bad Operation – Kinda Together
Baio – Dead Hand Control
Beach Bunny – Blame Game
Bis – Blow Your Mind
Boys Age – Light Ray
Camp Trash – Bobby
Cassandra Jenkins – Michaelangelo
Cathedral Bells – Dark Aura
Citizen – I Want To Kill You
Coma – Start/Stop/Rewind
Danny Elfman – Sorry
Editrix – Tell Me I’m Bad
Eeeks – Don’t (Let Me Go)
Engine Summer – My Hair Stood Up
Foo Fighters – No Son Of Mine
Fritz – Die Happily
Fuvk – Subside
Girlhouse – Knuckle Tattoo
Glass Beach – Beach Life In Death (Car Seat Headrest Cover)
Glitterer – Didn’t Want It
Hamburger – Cut It Out
Haru Nemuri – Bang
Heart Shaped – Sometimes
Height Keech – Go Off, Go Off
Henrik Appel – Humanity
Hether – Oidar
Hobby – The Humblest
Home Counties – Modern Yuppies
Ian Sweet – Drink The Lake
Idles – Reigns
Jane Weaver – Heartlow
Kings Of Leon – The Bandit
Kiwi Jr. – Waiting In Line
La Femme – Foutre Le Bordel
Lê Almeida – Luar Crescente
LNZNDRF – Brace Yourself
London Grammar – Lose Your Head
Lorna – Foxes
Los Planetas – El Negacionista
Madee – Hunting Party
Major Murphy – Access
Maxïmo Park – All Of Me
Media Hermana – Atlántida
Melllo & Nikkon – Smell Your Fear
Mermaid In China – Demon Of Perfection
Middle Kids – Questions
Mikaela Davis & Mary Lou Lord – Some Song (Elliott Smit Cover)
Miss Grit – Impostor
Mogwai – Ritchie Sacramento
Mush – Seven Trumpets
Nervous Twitch – Alright Lads
New Pagans – Yellow Room
Nick Waterhouse – Place Names
Nightshift – Make Kin
Olsen Twinz – Somehow
Origami Phase – Lady Named Bright
OutControlJoys – Set Me Free
Outlaw Boogie – Dreamz
Painted Shrines – Gone
Petite League – St. Michael
Pom Poko – Andrew
Post Lovers – Palmistry
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Pukebox
Radio Supernova – Väkivaltaa
Rat Columns – No Stranger To Life
Rat Tally – Shrug
Rata Negra – Desconfía De Ese Chico
Rhye – Come In Closer
Seventeen Years – Slip
Shame – Nigel Hitter
Shamir – Diet
Shanx FM – Sweet Quarantine
Sheer Mag – Crushed Velvet
Showstar – Calm Down
Slaughter Beach, Dog – Notes From A Brief Engagement (At The Boot & Saddle)
Sleaford Mods – Nudge It (Feat. Amy Taylor)
Slope – Purple Me
Soft Cheese – Raspberries
State Drugs – Threat Level Midnight
Subsonic Eye – Fruitcake
Sun June – Everything I Had
Sweet Lil – Plankton
Sweet Soul – At Odds
Tampa – Irene
Taylor Swift – Right Where You Left Me
The Antlers – Solstice
The Derevolutions – Mother Mary Knows
The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel
The Hold Steady – Heavy Covenant
The Lemons – Gummy Worm
The Lousy Pop Group – Friends
The Martha’s Vinyard Ferries – Betty Ford James
The Network – Degenerate
The Notwist – Al Sur (Feat. Juana Molina)
The Pierce Kingans – Clean Pace
The Pleasure Holes – Broken Sounds
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – The Fun We Had (Gary Zekley Cover)
The Spires – Suburban Eyes
The Umbrella Puzzles – Peace Of Mind
The Weather Station – Atlantic
Tigers Jaw – Hesitation
Total Drag – Honey
Tough Age – Anti-Anxiety Exercises
TV Priest – Press Gang
Viagra Boys – Girls & Boys
Vicious Blossom – Luminous
White Flowers – You Caught Me
Widowspeak – Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits Cover)
Wild Pink – Oversharers Anonymous
Wor_kspace – Transfer
Yung – Friends On Ice

Nacho Ruiz DJ

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