IndieRock DJ Playlist 2020/11 #2

Adiós Amores – Mentira
Alberto Montero – Le Soleil (Feat. Laetitia Sadier)
All Ashore! – Obsolete Format
Anum Preto – Consequências
Balans – Uganka
Bestia Bebé – Media Docena De Maleducados
Big Summer – Drones
Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy – Wish You Were Gay (Feat. Sean O’Hagan) (Billie Eilish Cover)
Billy Ray Cyrus – Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J Cover)
Boat – Fight The Clouds
Bootchy Temple – Nowhere Else
Bored At My Grandmas House – Showers
Calm – Something’s Changing
Carlos Gasca – Cuando Vengas
Carlota Flâneur – Generation Of The Young Flesh
Ciel – All My Life
Civic – Radiant Eye
Clearbody – Quarterback
Clémentine March – Elixir
Cliché Cult – Common Ground
Courting – Popshop!
Crocodiles – Mi Novio Es Un Zombi (Feat. Lola Pistola) (Los Vegetales Cover)
Dead Famous People – Turn On The Light
Des Roses – Les Voiles
Dirty Fences – Garbage Man
Django Django – Glowing In The Dark
Dream Phases – Tandy
Dreams Of Empire – Hidden Girl
Dual – Honey
Dylan Ewen – And The Winner Is…
Eggy – HAL 9000
El Último Vecino – Nostalgia
En Mi Mente – Vueltas Y Vueltas
Factice Factory – Tuscon
Fascinations Grand Chorus – Camp Blood
Fili – Volcom
Floral Image – Why I Leave
Foliage – Industry
Gorillaz – The Valley Of The Pagans (Feat. Beck)
Guineu – Putu Any
Homeless – Novosibirsk
Is Modest – Polar
Jorge Elbrecht – Run & Hide
Juárez – El Sol En Movimiento
Julie Et Joe – Arcade
Karl Kave – Oh Liebes
Kill Your Boyfriend – Jean
Kim – New Friend Girl (Feat. Blondine)
Kimono Drag Queens – Delilah
Kiwi Jr. – Cooler Returns
Kiwis – Un Dia (Tot Canvia) (Feat. Lluís Cabot)
Las Ligas Menores – Hice Todo Mal
Laurie – Corruption
Lavender Blush – Oh Anna
Lola Pistola – S.M.H.T.C.
Los Lagos De Hinault – Lo Pertinente
Low Hummer – Take Arms
Lunchbox – Hide And Seek
Marcelo Criminal – Borracho Y Loco
Margot – Falling In Between Days
Mark Crozer – The Winner Takes It All (Abba Cover)
Medicine Men – Change My Mind (Feat. Calum Mackie Cummins)
Micra – Coral Crush
Montefuji – El Hombre Y La Piedra (Album Version)
Mormor – Don’t Cry
Mush – Snag
My Raining Stars – Pedestrian
Naked Roommate – Repeat
Nancy – Luvletter
Nation Of Language – A Different Kind Of Life
Nax – Desaparecer
Nervous Twitch – Tongue Tied
Nothing – April Ha Ha
Palberta – Corner Store
Pale Honey – Some Time, Alone
Paradise – Petty Things
Pigmy – Septiembre
Public Body – Table Manners
Quarter-Life Crisis – Comfortable (Feat. Hand Habits)
Randolph’s Leap – Up In Smoke
Rilev – Pure Lines
Rodeo Boys – Dogleg
Rosa Maria – You’re Gonna Miss Me (The 13th Floor Elevators Cover)
Salt Lake Alley – The Way It Feels
Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs – Back With The Gang
Schonwald – Fall Apart
She/Beast – The Sadness Will Last Forever
Showstar – Cadavre
Smokescreens – Streets Of Despair
Songs For Snakes – California Dreaming (The Mamas & The Papas Cover)
SPC Eco – Only Trying To Fix Things
Still Corners – Crying
Superchunk – Alice (Sisters Of Mercy Cover)
Swine Tax – Relax
Talking Violet – Bloom
Tamara & The Dreams – Internet Song
Teenage Fanclub – Home
Temerario Mario – Hipoxifilia De Rescate
Tender Tones – Pay More Pray More
The Bats – Field Of Vision
The Big Easy – If I Knew It Was The Last Time
The Chats – AC/DC CD
The Churchhill Garden – Reality
The Clockworks – Enough Is Never Enough
The Crumble Factory – Golden Green
The Cut Losses – I Wanna Live On The Sun
The Gathering – Gravity Of Love
The Luxembourg Signal – Ramblin’ Rodriguez
The Notwist – Where You Find Me
The Pale White – Glue
The Paper Kites – Without Your Love (Feat. Julia Stone)
The Real Numbers – Brighter Then
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love
The Royston Club – Mrs Narcissistic
The Very Most – Do I Have To Do My Best All The Time (Feat. Kristine Capua And Cristina Quesada)
The Yellow Melodies – Follow The Sun
Tired Lion – Cya Later
Total Rubbish – What’s Your Damage
Tyler Jakes – Rock N’ Roll Pariah
Typical Girls – Girl Like You (The Troggs Cover)
Walter Frosch – Searching Hands
Warbly Jets – Nasa
Wicketkeeper – Welcome
Wry – Uma Pessoa Comum
Yard Act – Peanuts
Yung – Above Water
Буерак – Грустно С Тобой
Перемотка – Красива

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