IndieRock DJ Playlist 2020/05 #2

Adolescentes Sin Edad – Fuego De Noche
Alavedra – Lo Que Siento Por Ti
Amor En La Isla – Cariño
Anakin – Starshine (Feat. Jolie Lindholm)
Arista Fiera – El Breve Romance
Arre! Arre! – Me And My Fat Ass Friends
Audiobaton – Wonder
Automatic – Too Much Money (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
Baby Jesus – No Money
Baby Strange – More! More! More!
Bad Moves – End Of Time
Be Afraid – Automatic Worry
Beladrone – Cemento
Big Black Delta – Lord Only Knows
Black Dresses – Mirrorgirl
Blushh – More
Bracco – Fribourg
Brad Marino – At Night
Bully – About A Girl (Nirvana Cover)
Business Of Dreams – You Got Your Wish
Cathedrale – Shine The Light
Charmpit – Jimnastics
Chavales – Ey, Que Estoy Aquí
Chemtrails – Suck My Mind
Clear Channel – Hello Disko
Confeti De Odio – Dale Una Oportunidad Al Amor
Courting – David Byrne’s Badside
Cucudrulu – Actor De Noche
Cult With No Name – Needle And Thread
Dark Thoughts – What’s Your Game (Ramones Cover)
Dead Ghosts – Merle
Deap Vally – Space Age Love Song (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)
Dehd – Loner
Devon Williams – Borderline
Dylan Ewen – T9
Elvis Depressedly – New Love In The Summertime
Feutre – Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
Fiona Apple – Relay
Fontaines D.C. – A Hero’s Death
Fred Fredburguer – Tardes De Sol
Fuzzy Sun – Sorry Honey
G-Eazy – Creep (Feat. Ashley Benson) (Radiohead Cover)
Giant Eagles – Bloodlust Tonight
Grumpster – Party’s Over
Gum Country – Tennis (I Feel Ok)
Hanni El Khatib – Stressy
Happy Accidents – Secrets
Helen Love – 1234 Dee Dee Ramone
Honey Lung – Big
Honeychain – Pocket Full Of Good Luck
Hooton Tennis Club – Monsoonal Runoff
Hundredth – Idioteque (Radiohead Cover)
I Saw You Yesterday – Wander
Icebeing – She’s In All Three
Jade Hairpins – Dolly Dream
Jade Imagine – Coastal Pines
Jordana – I’ll Take It Boring
Jupe Jupe – Leave You Lonely
Kevin Hairs – More Comforting
Kidbug – Theme From Kidbug
Kidsmoke – The Bluest You
La Perra Blanco – Bop & Shake
Lazarus Kane – Night Walking
Lazy Day – All The Time
Le Villejuif Underground – Ghost Of The Water
Lights & Motion – Wolves (Feat. Johan Hasselblom)
Los Blenders – Mazunte 2016
Los Sustos – Alta Tensión
Love Sport – Giant Hoof
Lucy And The Rats – Get Down
Luke Jenner – If There Is A God
Made Violent – Touch
Meat Market – Falling
Melenas – Ya No Es Verano
Meridian Brothers – Puya Del Empresario
Mnnqns – Forever Young (Alphaville Cover)
Moor Jewelry – True Opera
Morningwhim – Most Of The Sun Shines
Morrissey – Knockabout World
Mujeres – Besos
Nana Grizol – Future Version
Nation Of Language – The Wall & I
Nite – Sleepless Through The Night
No Joy – Birthmark
Oki Moki – Intzakn Higatik
On Video – Bête Noire
Paff Booms – Un Día Perfecto
Panther Ray – Telephone
Parsnip – Treacle Toffee World
Pink Mexico – Wasted Time
Pony – Somebody Kill Me Please (Adam Sandler Cover)
Porcelain Raft – Out Of Time
Pottery – Hot Heater
Pretenders – Turf Accountant Daddy
Primo! – The Present
Public Practice – Each Other
Puscifer – Apocalyptical
Queera Nightly – Summoning
Rey/Rey – Lorikeet
Riel – 1990
Robbing Banks – Change Your Mind
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Falling Thunder
Rusos Blancos – Más Miedo Que Vergüenza
Sea Pinks – Crocuses
Setti – Morti
Sibille Attar – Hurt Me
Silverbacks – Muted Gold
Sinead O’Brien – Roman Ruins
Sleaford Mods – Second
Sonic Boom – Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
Sorry3000 – Nasenspray
Spielbergs – Go!
Sports Team – Going Soft
Starflyer 59 – This Recliner
Swim Deep – Happy As Larrie
Tanya Donelly – Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover)
Teen Blush – Drive Me Wild
Telquist – Fun
The Academic – Anything Could Happen
The Beths – I’m Not Getting Excited
The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Do You Mind?
The Cowboys – Clon Time
The Magic Gang – Take Back The Track
The New Investors – New Beginning
The New Madness – Thru Hard Times
The Resonars – A Smile And A Promise
The Speedways – This Ain’t A Radio Sound
The Spitfires – Life Worth Living
The Strokes – Why Are Sundays So Depressing
The Wolfhounds – Can’t See The Light
Thee Operators – Ted
Tiger Mimic – It Was Still Dark
Tijuana Panthers – Socks La Vida
Torres Satélite – Cuarentón En Cuarentena (Netflix En El Sofá)
Turtlenecked – Structure
Uralita – Ven
Urpa – Lleialtat
Varsity – Shaking Hands
Venusians – C’est L’amour
Violet Cheri – Hey Honey Heaven
Weak Signal – I’m A Fire
Wednesday – Maura
Weezer – Hero
White Denim – I Don’t Understand Rock And Roll
Wild Front – Selhurst Park
Wire – The Art Of Persistence
Woods – Can’t Get Out
X – Alphabetland

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