IndieRock DJ Playlist 2020/03 #1

Alice Bag – Breadcrumbs
Amos The Kid – What Did You Do
Ara Nielsen – Drugs
Archers Of Loaf – Raleigh Days
Art Brut – Mein Kleiner Bruder
Away Forward – Hideaway
Basic Plumbing – It All Comes Back
Beach Riot – Tune In, Drop Out
Best Coast – Master Of My Own Mind
Boo – The Dissolve
Brandenburg – Questions
Calivvla – Efimero
Candace – Do I Figure In Your Life (Honeybus Cover)
Cathedrale – The Bet
Cheerbleederz – Sometimes I Cry At Work
Chemical Waves – Denied (Feat. Bedless Bones)
Chemtrails – Paranoiacs
Choir Boy – Complainer
Church Girls – Florida
Close Lobsters – The Absent Guest (No Thing No There)
Clubwater – Adult Angst
Coach Party – Breakdown
Coin – Into My Arms
Day Wave – Starting Again
Dead Stars – Hold My Breath
Death By Denim – Homemade
Desert Museum – Smile
Disq – Gentle
Dizzy – Sunflower
Double Date With Death – Trou Noir
Draag – Alternative Privilege
Egyptian Blue – Never
El Columpio Asesino – Tu Último Relato
Emerald Park – Rules Don’t Apply
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers – Blasted Heath
Flat Worms – Market Forces
Fragile Animals – Only Until It’s Over
Girlatones – Respond To Love
Gladie – Even At Your Easel
Go Get Mum – Freeman
Gordi – Sandwiches
Gouge Away – Consider
Happyness – Vegetable
I Break Horses – I’ll Be The Death Of You
I’m Glad It’s You – Big Sound
Jackie Lynn – Shugar Water
Jay Som – A Thousand Words
Jess Williamson – Wind On Tin
Jordana – Crunch (Feat. Melvv)
Juliper Sky – Reflections Of The Winter Sun
K A G – Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones Cover)
Katie Von Schleicher – Caged Sleep
Kyle Forester – Another Day
Las Kellies – Close Talker
Leeches – Fuerte Ventura
Lexytron – Tell The Vein
Liiek – Waterfall
Luster – Dream
Margarita Quebrada – Laberinto
Matt Berninger – Holes (Mercury Rev Cover)
Melkbelly – Humid Heart
Millionaire – Strange Days
Modern Studies – Heavy Water
Momma – Double Dare
Mumrunner – Remember Me
Nap Eyes – So Tired
Neon Waltz – Thanks For Everything
No Age – Turned To String
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Come On Outside
Non La – Not In Love
Odd Hope – All The Things
Omega Vague – The Way Out
P.E. – Pink Shiver
Pantocrator – Pánfilo De Narváez
Partner – Good Place To Hide (At The Time)
Pearl Jam – Superblood Wolfmoon
Peel Dream Magazine – Emotional Devotion Creator
Perfume Genius – Describe
Perlee – Charlie’s Song
Pia Fraus – You’re Not In Love
Pins – Bad Girls Forever
Pizzagirl – Cape Canaveral
Planet – Imaginary
Powerslut – Whip It Out
Pting – Naps
Public Practice – Compromised
Purest – Give Up
Ratboys – Look To
Ray Borneo & The Bystanders – Life In Limbo
Real Estate – The Main Thing
Rips – Mirror
Romero – Honey
Rozwell Kid + Sleeping Bag – Letterman
Salad – Details
Say Sue Me – Good For Some Reason (Spring Ver.)
Seaside – Shame
Shitkid – Always Amber
Shoestrings – Body (They Go Boom!! Cover)
Shopping – All Or Nothing
Slift – It’s Coming
Soccer Mommy – Bloodstream
Spacey Jane – Skin
Sports Team – Here’s The Thing
Store Front – You Gave Me
Strange Lot – Gold Daze
Strawberry Generation – Candy (They Go Boom!! Cover)
Suburban Living – Main Street
Sunfruits – Flying Heat
Talk Show – Stress
Termination Dust – Deep Deep Deep
Terry – Take The Cellphone
The Blinders – Forty Days And Forty Nights
The Calls – Fall Inside
The Chinchees – Zen Garden
The Crystal Furs – Too Kind To Be Cruel
The Districts – Velour And Velcro
The Electric Lazarus – Dennis Hopper / Jesus Christ
The Exbats – Funny Honey
The Fin. – Over The Hill
The Flatmates – You Held My Heart
The Lousy Pop Group – Days
The Muckers – Roll The Dice
The Mysterines – Love’s Not Enough
The National – Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover)
The Slow Readers Club – Jericho
The Spires – Plants And Ghosts
The Strokes – Bad Decisions
The Vernes – Bad Planet
The Wants – Container
Then Comes Silence – Apocalypse Flare
Thick – Mansplain
Throwing Muses – Dark Blue
Thud – North Acton
Toner – Dark Ecstasy
Velvet Bethany – Throw Your Stone
Victories At Sea – Follow You
Videograms – Eyelids
Volage – Horses
Vundabar – Montage Music
Whethan – All In My Head (Feat. Grandson)
Winter – Say
XTR Human – Masks Of Faith
Your Favorite Color – Humans
Yumi Zouma – Southwark

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