IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/12 #2

Alavedra – La De Instagram
Almond Soy – Coat
Altre Di B – It’s A Cloudy Day In San Francisco (Feat. Baseball Gregg)
American Nightmare – Life Support
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Into The Godless Void
Anum Preto – Inferno Interno
Arch Of Love – Light In Your Eyes
Bad Sounds – Breathe
Bananagun – Out Of Reach
Big Heaven – Someone Else
Brad Marino – Peggy Sue Got Married (Buddy Holly Cover)
Brunch Club – Scrambled Eggs
Brush – Chelsea
Caribou – You And I
Cartalk – Sleep
Catholic Action – People Don’t Protest Enough
Celestial Shore – Hard To
Charmpit – Bridges Go Burn
Church Girls – Could’ve Been
Citrus Clouds – A Pastel Sky
Cold Beat – Flat Earth
Courteeners – Better Man
Deap Lips – Hope Hell High
Do Nothing – LeBron James
Dropkick – Feeling Never Goes Away
Duster – Letting Go
Elsa Lester – Sweet Ghost Inc.
Ex-Colorado – Dreamykraut
Falle – Night
Fanclub – Trespassing
Fantasmamidi – Asco
Flower Crown – High Fantasy
Fortitude Valley – Wreck
Foster Parents – Bewilderness
Fred Fredburguer – Ei, Uriel
Goodfellows – Listen To Your Heartbeat
Goodman – Watch Your Mouth
Greg Dulli – Pantomima
Gyoza – Veins
Helicon – Sound Of Confession
Herr D.K. – Eingekreist
Hinds – Riding Solo
Hinin – Derniere Sommation
Holy Fuck – Free Gloss (Feat. Nicholas Allbrook)
House Deposit – Ikea Dreaming
Intertwine – I’m A Nobody Too
Jamie 4 President – The Human Lightning Rod
Japanese Heart Software – Holiday (Feat. Blush Response)
Jetstream Pony – It’ll Take More Than A Friday
Joy Cleaner – Phlox
Karl Kave – A Comet Is Coming (Alternative Version)
Kevin Krauter – Surprise
Las Kellies – Funny Money
Linda Guilala – Será Más Fácil
Loose Buttons – Fell Into A Hole (Feat. Ava Trilling)
Los Ojos – Los Ojos
Mannequin – From A Distance
MGMT – In The Afternoon
Mooon – I’m Coming Home
Non La – Light In My Loafers
Notches – Funny How
Odd Couple – Fahr Ich In Den Urlaub Rein
Of Montreal – Polyaneurism
Pastel Coast – Aquarius
Paul McCartney – In A Hurry
Perapertú – San Juan
Poliça – Forget Me Now
Polseguera – Per Damunt La Teva Pell
Psyence – You Will Never Know
Pure Moods – Backwards World
Purple Heart Parade – Petrichor
Scully – You Warm Me
Seasurfer – Lovers Breakdown
Shopping – Initiative
Siz – Laisser Faire (Solids Cover)
Sunset Stream – Aklimdaki Yildizlar
The Churchhill Garden – Surrender Single
The Creeping Bent Organisation – Here Comes That Feeling
The Great American Novel – Committing To The Bit
The Kryng – You Were On My Mind
The Shake – Well, Well, Well…
The Shivas – Can’t Relax
The Trims – Bending Time
The Voidz – Did My Best
Thrillhouse – One Of These Days
Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Ducks
Turks & Caicos – Bad Situation
Whimsical – Trust
Worriers – Pwr Cple
Wyatt Blair – Pop Your Heart Out
Yumi Zouma – Right Track / Wrong Man

Nacho Ruiz DJ

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