IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/09 #1

(Sandy) Alex G – Near
4Vesta – Evening Star
Adolescentes Sin Edad – Oye Me Gustai
Alimony – Don’t Gimme Much
An Horse – Started A Fire
Art Dave – Hello Namaste (Feat. Megurine Luka)
Artificial Pleasure – Boys Grow Up (Feat. Jylda)
Atta Girl – September
Baby Shakes – Love Song In Reverse
Black Belt Eagle Scout – Run It To Ya
Black Marble – Feels
Blood Child – Confident Silence
Bodywash – Reverie
Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)
Calva Louise – Belicoso
Capitol – In Ceremony
Cattle – Shooting Star
Chastity – Flames
Chromatics – I Want To Be Alone (Jackson C. Frank Cover)
Cigarettes After Sex – Heavenly
City Calm Down – Visions Of Graceland
Clairo – Sofia
Contractions – Demain Est Annulé
Corridor – Topographe
Current Affairs – Cheap Cuts
Death Bells – Life Stands Still
Desert Sharks – Dating?
DIIV – Taker
Dives – Chico
Dream Dali – Little Lights
Electric Street Queens – Uh-Wella-Wella-Wella
Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton – Love For Myself
Field Mouse – Black Hole, Son
Fonosida – Tiremos
Gaffa Tape Sandy – Turnstile
Gonzo – Videodrome
Grumpster – Crumbling
Guerilla Toss – Plants
Harmony Woods – Ghosts
Have A Nice Life – Sea Of Worry
Hearts And Rockets – Beat It Creep!
Hundredth – Leave Yourself
Hush Pup – Galactic Notion
Jenn Champion – Turn Up The Radio (Feat. Victor Le Masne)
Juliper Sky – Heaven
Kim Gordon – Sketch Artist
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Mars For The Rich
Kitten – Memphis
Lavender Blush – Teardrop
Les Conches Velasques – Del Revés
Liam Gallagher – One Of Us
Life – Bum Hour
Lights That Change – Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
Lloyd Cole – Violins
Lower Dens – Galapagos
Lumerians – Yellowcake
Mark Ronson – Lose It (In The End) (Feat. The Business Intl.)
Mean Jeans – Stuck In A Head
Mean Jolene – The Other Ones
Microwave – Carry
Mind Rays – Makeshift Weaponry
Miniature Tigers – Manic Upswings
Minihorse – Living Room Art (Feat. Anna Burch)
Miss World – I Wanna Be Like Madonna (Holly Cat Cover)
MNNQNS – Fall Down
Mourn – Jumping Someone Else’s Train (The Cure Cover)
Mura Masa – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again (Feat. Clairo)
My Violent Ego – Song For Caprice
Nasty Cherry – Live Forever
New Hollywood – Habitual Mess
Oh, Rose – Easy
Oh Sees – The Daily Heavy
Oliver Tree – All Bets Are Off
ONBC – Dive Bar Of Dreamers
One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia
Oso Oso – Basking In The Glow
Otherkin – On & On
Peach Pyramid – Wear Sunscreen
Pigments – Haze
Pom Poko – Leg Day
Poppel – Don’t Wait
Psycolor – Líimite
Rapport – In The Dark
Rays – Anti-Hand Man
Redd Kross – What’s A Boy To Do?
Ride – R.I.D.E.
Sam Fender – Will We Talk?
Sasami – Take Care
Say Sue Me – George & Janice
Seablite – Pillbox
Seazoo – Throw It Up
Shake Your Halo Down – We Will Always Be Scared
Sheer Mag – The Killer
Shock Friendly – Take What You Want
Shotgun Jimmie – Tumbleweed
Silver Bars – Lost You To L.A
Sleeper – More Than I Do
Slow Glows – Spiderland
Soot Sprite – Bleed
Sorry Girls – One That You Want
Sparkling – We Don’t Want It
Spring Winds – The Places You Walk
Squid – Match Bet
Srta. Trueno Negro – Lode Runner
Sturgill Simpson – Sing Along
Sunface – Wimpy
Sussurruído – Palavras Nos Muros
Tacocat – Crystal Ball
Taylor Swift – Lover
Telepathic Teddy Bear – 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
That Dog. – If You Just Didn’t Do It
The 1975 – People
The Districts – Loving Protector Guy
The Fantastic Plastics – Perfect Strangers
The Great American Novel – Ready For Love Or Disappointment
The Grinns – Storm
The Hold Steady – Epaulets
The Kundalini Genie – Take You Away
The Living Eyes – Peak Hour Traffic
The Manikins – Get Some
The Menzingers – America (You’re Freaking Me Out)
The New Division – Modus
The New Pornographers – The Surprise Knock
The Night Café – Mixed Signals
The Paranoyds – Face First
The Raft – The Boy With No Soul
The Umbrella Puzzles – As Simple as That
The Wants – Fear My Society
Thom Yorke & Flea – Daily Battles
Tiny Stills – Schadenfreude
Topographies – Half Asleep
Violentene – Phantom Youth
Wake In June – Space Cadet (Feat. Reason Light)
Weeping Icon – Like Envy
White Reaper – 1F
Whyte Horses – Ça Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertrand Cover)
Wyatt Blair – Cherry Rose
Young Guv – Patterns Prevail
Zuzu – Get Off

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