IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/08 #1

2D Foil – Shining Die
Arch Of Love – Say
Artificial Pleasure – A Journey Across Town
Astari Nite – Dearly Beloved
B Boys – On Repeat
Batz – Wizard
Beach Bugs – Ugly
Beeef – Devil’s In The Details
Beladrone – La Flecha
Bethlehem Steel – Bad Girl
Big White – Heaven’s Unlikely
Black Belt Eagle Scout – My Heart Dreams
Blarf – Banana
Bleached – Daydream
Blis. – Bad Weather
Book Klub – Care
Boy Scouts – Expiration Date
Burning House – Souvenirs
Cariño – 🙁
Carolina Durante – KLK
Ceremony – Turn Away The Bad Thing
Chastity – The Girls I Know Don’t Think So
Cheesemind – 真空情书
Cherry Pickles – Let’s Be Bad
Chickn – Infrared Panda Club
Chuck Cleaver – Anything
Cine Nuria – Lo Mismo
Cool Sounds – Around And Down
Cora Yako – Overdrive
Crushed Beaks – Right Machine
Crystal Cities – I Hear A Cold Wind Calling
DIIV – Skin Game
Dog Party – Operator
Dump Him – Dykes To Watch Out For
Dyson Stringer Cloher – Falling Clouds
Elvis Depressedly – Jane, Don’t You Know Me?
Ether Feels – Kowloon Sunset
Ezra Furman – Evening Prayer Aka Justice
Fade Awaays – As They Do
Family Jools – California Sun
Feet – Outer Rim
Fleeting Joys – You Want To
Frankie Cosmos – Rings (On A Tree)
Fuerza Nueva – Una, Glande Y Libre
Future Teens – Frequent Crier
Ganser – Bad Form
Generationals – Deadbeat Shiver
Ghum – Saturn
Glass House – Weston Girls
Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – Notes Underground 地下日記
Goon – Check Engine Light
Haim – Summer Girl
Hibou – Silver
Hiroshima Dandys – Cosecha Roja (Sam Spade Version)
Honey Lung – Nothing
Iggy Pop – James Bond
Iguana Death Cult – Bright Lights
Jade Imagine – The News
Japanese Heart Software – Something
Joy Again – Couldn’t
Julie’s Haircut – Until The Lights Go Out
Julien Chang – Of The Past
Kaputt – Very Satisfied
L7 – Holding Pattern
Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic – Taking Care
Liam Gallagher – Once
Little Scream – Dear Leader
Maffai – Geisterstunde
Mal Blum – Odds
Memes – Happy Shopper
Mikey Erg – Why Was I Programmed To Feel Pain?
Miut – Tinderella
Molly Sarlé – Suddenly
Mono Club – Sleeping
Monte – Control
Moonlight Parade – Jennifer
Necking – No Playtime
New Myths – Living Doll
Nicole Yun – And After All
Ocean – Fifteen Hundred Ways To Say Don’t Let Me Go
Oh Sees – Heartworm
Oliver Marson – Cocaine Romance
Operator Music Band – Mondo
Otherkin – True Believer
Palm Haze – Almost Soon
Peaer – In My Belly (Feat. Shamir)
Peoplejam – Slight
Pizzagirl – Body Biology
Planet – Never New
Pokett – Always On The Run
Powerplant – Dungen
Priestgate – Summ(air)
Prism Tats – Big Blue
Seablite – Lollipop Crush
Sex Sux – Safe Pain
Shake Some Action! – Hard Act To Follow
Sheer Mag – Hardly To Blame
Shitkid – Grown-Ups Are Kids
Sleepwalkers – American Nights
Soft Blue Shimmer – Dream Beam Supreme
Sports Team – Here It Comes Again
Static In Verona – Fade To Gray
Strange Ranger – Sunday
Sub Violet – Let Me Know
Surf Friends – You’ve Got To Know
Surfer Blood – Around Your Sun
Sustains – Land Of Hurt
Tegan And Sara – I’ll Be Back Someday
The Chats – Identity Theft
The Futureheads – Good Night Out
The Incos – Basara
The Lightning Year – Mystery Blue
The Paranoyds – Carnage Bargain
The Proctors – Footsteps
The Raft – Joab
The Ting Tings – A&E (Manchester Version)
These New South Whales – Nerve 2 Reverse
Those Pretty Wrongs – Ain’t Nobody But Me
Tijuana Panthers – Different Side Of Town
TV Party – You’re The One I Want
Twin Peaks – Dance Through It
UMMAGMA – High Day
UV-TV – World
Videocean – On Your Own (Feat. Sea Of Bees)
Vivian Girls – Sick
Vuelveteloca – Chepical (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix)
Waater – Crush
Walt Disco – Past Tense
Warbly Jets – Cool Kill Machine
Weeping Icon – Ripe For Consumption
Wilco – Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
Wires & Lights – Swimming
Wurve – Memory Bleach
Yergurl – Skateboard

Nacho Ruiz DJ

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