IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/07 #1

!!! – Serbia Drums
Alex Cameron – Divorce
B Boys – Pressure Inside
Beach Baby – Human Remains
Beach Youth – You’re Gone
Beak> – Life Goes On
Bee Bee Sea – Be Bop Palooza
Blanco – Life
Boy Scouts – Get Well Soon
Candy – Familiar
Chastity – Sun Poisoning
Cheap Gunslingers – Record Store
Cine Nuria – Aviat
City Mouth – Sanity For Summer
Clever Square – Denial And The Wizards
Cosmonauts – Medio Litro
Delights – Sometimes, Lately
Dot.s – Lemons
Drab Majesty – Oxytocin
Dynamo Stairs – Real No One
Echoberyl – Broken Pieces
Eggs – Picture Book
Espíritusanto – La Nueva Ola
Ezra Cohen – Crystal Clear
Field Mouse – Heart Of Gold
Flamingods – Olympia
Flying Fish Cove – En Garde
Fontaines D.C. – Sha Sha Sha
Frankie Cosmos – Windows
Friedrich Sunlight – Sag Es Erst Morgen
Galants – Stay Light
Gauche – Flash
Graham Hunt – Change Their Mind
Graveyard Club – Red Roses
Gross Net – Gentrification
Grow Rich – Kawan Lama
Halfsour – Built-In Guilt
Hatchie – When I Get Out
Hibou – Inside Illumination
Hickeys – Alegria Di Vision
Holy Tunics – 33
Homesafe – Without Warning
Honeychain – Go Away
Honeymooning – Cloudy Days
Hundredth – Cauterize
Jade Jackson – City Lights
Jeanines – Hits The Bone
Jesse Malin – Strangers & Thieves (Feat. Billie Joe Armstrong)
Juniore – Ah Bah D’accord
Kissing Party – Jimmy Dean
Leisure Club – Dirt
Liam Gallagher – The River
Lips – In Summer
Little Boy Lost – Opaline Visor
Los Punsetes – Idiota
Los Retros – Nostalgic Vibrations
Low Kites – Saddiction
Luna Moss – Looming
Mankind – No Doubt In My Mind, Pt. 1 (Feat. Matilda Wiezell)
Mannequin Pussy – Cream
Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks
Mark Ronson – True Blue (Feat. Angel Olsen)
Mean Jeans – Party Line
Medalla – Guardián
Mono In Stereo – Fores
Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light
Nathan Roche – Mary Jane
Newmoon – Let It End
Night Beats – Let The Good Times Roll (The Sonics Cover)
Parade – Esa Música
Peppermint Showers – Dotted Lines
Personal Best – Radio
Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold – The Gang Goes On Tour
Pin Ups – You Can Have Anything You Want
Pinch Points – Stranger Danger
Pixx – Disgrace
Prophets Of Rage – Made With Hate
Pup – Sibling Rivalry
Purling Hiss – Useful Information
Radio Supernova – Sykli
Sheer Mag – Blood From A Stone
Shivery Shakes – No Return
Signals Midwest – Your New Old Apartment
Singapore Sling – Suicide Twist
Six By Seven – Let It Be Me…
Siz – Fantasize
Skating Polly – Play House
Slaughter Beach, Dog – Heart Attack
Sløtface – Telepathetic
Slowlines – Repeat & Restart
Soft Blue Shimmer – Fruitcake
Somehow – Shut Your Eyes And See
Static In Verona – The Loud Nothing
Stealing Sheep – Why Haven’t I?
Summer Cannibals – Behave
Sunbather – Summer
Sunspots – Ringer
Ta Toy Boy – Fabulous Friend (The Field Mice Cover)
Terry Vs. Tori – Cascais (Feat. Foliage)
The Artisans – The Saddest Kiss
The Black Keys – Fire Walk With Me
The Brutalists – Know Your Value
The Burning Hell – Birdwatching
The Claim – When The Morning Comes
The Hold Steady – Denver Haircut
The Kairos – Money Mind
The Regrettes – I Dare You
The Rubinoos – Honey From The Honeycombs
The Soft Walls – Every Target Can Afford To Wait
The Tea Set – Pharaohs
The Tides Out – Around Town
Tiny Moving Parts – Medicine
Titus Andronicus – Just Like Ringing A Bell
Torche – Admission
Trinitat Nova – De L’amor Que Tu Ara Em Dius Que Sents
Twen – Damsel
U.S. Highball – Don’t Travel Far
Van Dale – Hard Year
Violentene – Frozen Heart
We Melt Chocolate – Blue Hair Girl
Wine Lips – Fly Swatter
Wurve – Blowout
Wylder – The Lake
Xenia Rubinos – Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash Cover)
Youth Sector – Renting Spaces In My World

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