IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/05 #2

Africa Express – Johannesburg (Feat. Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123 & Sibot)
An Horse – Drown
Angie – Blood On My Eyes
Bacchae – Everything Ugly
Beach Baby – Lovin’ Feeling
Beachheads – Death Of A Nation
Beatcomber – Greaser Repeats
Bellows – Rosebush
Big Eyes – Nearly Got Away
Big Quiet – The New Deal
Big Thief – Cattails
Blue Jeans – Friends & Lovers
Body Type – UMA
Brigitte Laverne – Disco China
Buen Chico – I Am Only Sleeping
Cabiria – No Puedo Quitar Mis Ojos De Ti (Franki Valli Cover)
Cage The Elephant – Social Cues
Carolina Durante – Falta Sentimiento
Carriers – Patience
Cat Power – Horizon
Charly Bliss – Bleach
Cold Showers – Dismiss
Christelle Bofale – Origami Dreams
Crumb – Ghostride
Crushed Beaks – Honesty Box
Culture Abuse – Goo
Cut Glass Kings – Dream In The Dark
Da Loma – Fin De Semana
Daze – Growing Petals On The Walls
Dehd – Sunbeat
Diamante Negro – Vista Desde La Ventana En Le Gras
Divest – Be Around
DMA’s – Beautiful Stranger (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne) (Madonna Cover)
Double Grave – The Kiss
Drahla – Invisible Sex
Dressy Bessy – Fearless
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir – National Police Shit
Dude York – Falling
Everyone Is Dirty – Hit-Girl
Fetus – Querella I Carallot
Filthy Friends – Only Lovers Are Broken
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Work
French Vanilla – Suddenly
Fritz – Ghost Poke
Froth – Laurel (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix)
Gazelle – Diamond High
Good Doogs – How I Feel
Graveyard Club – It Hurts
Guards – You Got Me
Guest Singer – New Experience
Happypills – Floe
Heatwaves – Tell Me What You See
Holy Magick – It’s Your Money (Trivia)
Hurry – An Element Of Surprise
Hyperturf – Smacked (Feat. Joe Blobs)
Idles – Mercedes Marxist (Gato’s Manifesto R-Mix)
Imperial Teen – We Do What We Do Best
Insignificant Other – Real Date
Institute – Anxiety
Jarv Is… – Must I Evolve
Je T’aime – Dance
Jeph – Lola
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Cyboogie (NRZ Edit)
Kitty Kat Fan Club – Happy Now, Loving You
Knuckle – Oh Mother
Kung-Fu Girl – Anorak
L I P S – Apartment
L.A. Mood – She Said
Landings – I Believe The Dark
Lavender Blush – The Daisy Chain
León Benavente – Como La Piedra Que Flota
Local Teen – Average Vixen
Low Blows – Low Blows
Lust For Youth – New Balance Point
Mattiel – Keep The Change
Minor Poet – Museum District
Mono In Stereo – The Conversation
Nine:Forty:PM – I Can Feel You
No Fucks – Muerte Por Asco
No Suits In Miami – Plain Sight
Olden Yolk – Grand Palais
Operators – I Feel Emotion
Otherkin – All That Remains Won’t Be The Same
Our Little Darlings – No Automation
Palehound – Worthy
Peak Twins – Water
Pearl Charles – Sweet Sunshine Wine
Pipe-Eye – Fluorescent Wonder
Pixx – Andean Condor
Porridge Radio – Don’t Ask Me Twice
Possum – The Hills
Pottery – Lady Solinas
Potty Mouth – Plastic Paradise
Prettiest Eyes – Nekrodisco
Remo Drive – Around The Sun
Riel – Más Alla Del Mar
Rombo – Gemecs
RVG – Alexandra
Ryan Pollie – Getting Clean
Sam Cohen – Man On Fire
Sambassadeur – Kors
Sammi Lanzetta – Titty Logic
Sarah Bethe Nelson – Paralyzed Waltz
Seablite – Heart Mountain
Sebadoh – Sunshine
Señalada – Lo Nunca Visto
Shake Some Action! – Charades
Shitkid – Romance
Sinkane – Ya Sudan
Sisteray – April Fools
Siz – Under My Skin
Skegss – Here Comes Your Man (Triple J Like A Version) (Pixies Cover)
Sleep Eaters – Don’t Sell Your Soul
Slowkiss – In Vain
Slowlines – On A Wave
Slush – The Less You Do The More You Win
Soaked Oats – Coming Up
Souvenir Driver – Spin
Starry Eyed Cadet – Slow
Stef Chura – Sweet Sweet Midnight (Feat. Will Toledo)
Stereo Total – Cinemascope
Summer Camp – Love Of My Life
Summer Cannibals – False Anthem
Sunstinger – The Space Between Us
Tacocat – New World
Tamara & The Dreams – LO-FI
The Age Of Colored Lizards – Blurry Eyes
The Black Watch – Get Me Out Of Echo Park
The Cheap Thrills – Smile When You Sleep
The Curls – Lemon Lime
The Glow – I Am Not Warm
The Gotobeds – 2:15
The Laissez Fairs – Phantom Stranger
The Memory Fades – Am I Losing You?
The Midnight Kings – Innocent Man
The Mystery Lights – Too Much Tension
The Needs – Summerbore
The Peach Fuzz – The Outside Looking In
The Regrettes – Dress Up
The Van T’s – Control
Tiga Lilly – Sweet Relief
Tijuana Panthers – Path Of Totality
Titus Andronicus – Tumult Around The World
Ummagma – Caravan
Vacation – Capitol Drive
Vampire Weekend – Bambina
Wild Firth – Haze, Dolores
Winter – Bonsai
Wooze – Zeus’ Masseuse
World Champion – Skyline
XO – Open Your Heart

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