IndieRock DJ Playlist 2018/12 #2

Aliendawg. – Backwards
Aliment – Maze
Alright – On The Outs
An Ocean Of Embers – Last Night I Fell Again (Moose Cover)
Andrew Younker – Value (Foliage Cover)
Архитектурный Оркестр Благодетели – Районы
Arista Fiera – Melo
Art Brut – She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like A Hit)
Ash Code – Down In The Park (Gary Numan Cover)
Ave Negra – Mala Nota Compa
Bandit Voyage – How Many Times
Bedouin – Submarine
Box & The Twins – Complex (Gary Numan Cover)
Bryan’s Magic Tears – CEO
Calva Louise – Tug Of War
Capital Soirée – Daylight
Captains – Broken Body
Cathedrale – Signal
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Such A Remarkable Day
Chemtrails – Cuckoo Spit
Cindygod – Gosh
Colourway – The Tide
Crash City Saints – Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr. Cover)
Cut Off Your Hands – On The Sea
Distractor – Moving To The Farm
Diva Sweetly – Wax On My Candles
Dual – Green Eyed
Eggs – I Fell In Love
Family Jools – Don’t Know (Radio Edit)
Fanclub – Stranger
Far Caspian – Finding My Way Home
Fawns Of Love – December
Foliage – Nervous To Exist Around You (Andrew Younker Cover)
Goodman – Wildcat
Guay! – Vacaciones Punk
Guided By Voices – My Angel
Halfsour – Left My Hair In Detroit
Hellen – Looking
Idle Youth – Preface
Interpol – Complications (Mexican Institute Of Sound Remix)
It’s For Us – Stay
Juliana Hatfield – Lost Ship
Kokoshca – Las Chicas
Lacuna Bloome – Find Your Way
Las Ruinas – Piensa Por Ti Mismo
Le Superhomard – Meadow Lane Park
Levitation Room – Warmth Of The Sun
Lions Of Dissent – Turn Up The Struggle
Llollyanna – Down By Design
Los Jardines De Bruselas – Formas
Los Retrovisores – Pedir Perdón
Lucia – Cheap Talk
Ludovic Alarie – We’re A Dream Nobody Wrote Down
Marked Men – She Won’t Know
Martha – Heart Is Healing
Mercury Rev – Big Boss Man (Feat. Hope Sandoval) (Bobbie Gentry Cover)
Mikey Collins – West Coast
Morrissey – Lover-To-Be
N0V3L – To Whom It May Concern
Nah… – Road Trip
Neurotic Fiction – Social Animal
Nonn – Home
Piskie Sits – Just Don’t See It
Pizzagirl – Blossom At My Feet, Flower
Public Practice – Slow Down
Puppy Angst – Killing Time (It’s NBD, Whatever)
Pure Mids – Don’t Quit
Pylon Reenactment Society – Messenger
Rat Fancy – M.A.D.
Rick Rude – Verb For Dreaming
Rural Zombies – Whateverest
Russian Rose – Skeletrees
Salvador Tóxico – Laboratorio Espacial (Feat. Nos Miran)
Sea Pinks – Bioluminescence
Secret Asian Men – Sleep Tight
Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – All Is Lust
Sleeper – Look At You Now
Sleepwalk – Thrust
Spit Chewy – Jimmy
Spookie Basement – Shadow By Your Side (Alligator Cover)
Suir – Cars (Gary Numan Cover)
Swervedriver – The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
Tallies – Easy Enough
Tears Run Rings – Someone Somewhere
The Dates – Any Other Nite
The Derevolutions – Superlove
The Faded North – Security
The Hermits – Ruby Red Summer
The Horse Heads – Be What I Wanna Be
The In The Out – Heat
The Ninth Wave – Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter
The Routes – Driving Round In Circles
Tomb Toad – Jellystone
Turtlenecked – Sewing Machine
Walter Etc. – Flat Earth Angel
Waves Of Dread – Forevermore
Wyatt Blair – Who’s To Blame

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