IndieRock DJ Playlist 2018/05 #1

A Perfect Circle – So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Albinos Congo – It’s Your Birthday Today
American Wrestlers – Ignoramus
Ataque De Caspa – Todos Los Días
Axolotes Mexicanos – Estanquero
Bacchae – Prick
Bad Moves – One Thing
Beach Skulls – That’s Not Me
Bilk – Give Up
Blossoms – There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)
Blue Streak – Dog
Blush Response – Still Life
BNLX – Hit After Hit
Bodega – Can’t Knock The Hustle
Borneo – Jesse
Candace – New Ruins
Carolina Durante – Niña De Hielo
Chris Farren – The Way That I Love U Has Changed
Cicada Rhythm – Shake Up
Collapsing Scenery – Modern World (The Modern Lovers Cover)
Concrete Knives – Gold Digger
Cooper – Infinito
Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty
Cruel Reflections – Treasures
D.A. Stern – Isn’t It Obvious
Distractor – Orbital
DMA’S – Break Me
Dog Chocolate – Tesco Flag
Dogheart – Teen Bug
Don’t Worry – Big House
Dose – Furniture
Dumb – Mint
Eels – You Are The Shining Light
Fidlar – Alcohol
Flasher – Pressure
Foliage – How Have You Been
Frankie Cosmos – Apathy
Future War Bride – Thin Air
Gobbinjr – Fake Bitch
Grow Rich – Sleepless In Bantul
Halfnoise – She Said
Hatchie – Sleep
Hedgehog – 21St Century, When We Were Still Young
Holy Tunics – Cardinal
Hot Tang – Secret Beach
Human Colonies – Shiny Bones
Hund – Is It Really What You Need
Iceage – The Day The Music Dies
Karen Meat – Share A Dinner
Kiwis – I Ets Tu
Las Ligas Menores – En Invierno
Launder – Wonder
Le Plaisir – No Ordinary Wave
Metz – Mr. Plague
Mien – Odessey
MNNQNS – If Only They Could
Nah… – This Light Will Always Shine
Nos Miran – La Montaña Del Amor
Palace Winter – Come Back (Left Behind)
Peach Kelli Pop – Hello Kitty Knife
Pinkshinyultrablast – Dance AM
Poptone – Go! (Tones On Tail Cover)
Purepleaser – Heavenly Pop Hit (The Chills Cover)
Ruby Karinto – Fox’s Wedding
Ruler – Unhindered Pace
San Coyote – Maruchan
Say Sue Me – Dreaming (Blondie Cover)
SCK CHX – Monday
Selofan – Black Box
Snacks – Pink Water
Spinn – Who You Are
Static King – Broken
Sticky Fingers – Kick On
Stringer – Ghosts
Surf Dads – Hold Onto Me
Ta Toy Boy – Beautiful In Furs
Taleen Kali – Half Lie
Tancred – Queen Of New York
Tennis System – Clearer
The Age Of Colored Lizards – Still Around
The Black Lips & The Khan Family – Too Much In Love
The Coral – Sweet Release
The Cult Of Lip – Park The Car By The Side Of The Road (Swirlies Cover)
The Essex Green – Sloane Ranger
The New Investors – Deborah
The Sidekicks – Don’t Feel Like Dancing
The Vaccines – Out On The Street
Touché Amoré – Green
Très Oui – Red Wine & Dry Ice
Vinyl Staircase – Cherry
Vive La Void – Red Rider
Wyatt Blair – TV
Wylderness – Sunography

Nacho Ruiz DJ

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