IndieRock DJ Playlist 2017/04

A Projection – Next Time
AJ Davila – 17
Angela – A Little Poet
Apartamentos Acapulco – Cosas Nuevas (Linda Guilala Cover)
Art School Jocks – Just A Gwen
Atta Girl – Betty’s
Automatics – El Fin De Los Dias
Average Times – Out Of This World
B Boys – Energy
Bad Moves – The Verge
Beach Slang – Roadrunner (The Modern Lovers Cover)
Betrayers – For The Kill
Black Angels – I’d Kill For Her
Blankenberge – We
Boat Culture – Only Me
Brunch Club – Bed Bugs
Captains – Touch Me, I’m Driving
Catholic Action – Doing Well
Cende – Bed
Centrefold – High Stakes
Century Palm – New Creation
Chai Khat – Graves
Chemtrails – Deranged
Chuck Berry – Big Boys
Cold Beat – 62 Moons
Coloured Clocks – Veronica
Communions – It’s Like Air
Cosmen Adelaida – Parque Jurásico
Craig Finn – Tracking Shots
Damaged Bug – Unmanned Scanner
Dan Auerbach – Shine On Me
Decibelles – All Wet
Diet Cig – Link In Bio
Diola – Riñones
Dormidos Al Volante – First Time Lovers
Dream Wife – Somebody
Eat Fast – Scrambled Egg
Echo Ladies – Nothing Ever Lasts
Eliot Wilder – The Losing End
Equal Idiots – Put My Head In The Ground
Fighter Pillow – GTA
Formation – Ring
Freak – I Like To Smile When I’m Sad
Ghost Transmission – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Ramones Cover)
H. Grimace – Call It Out
Hater – Stay Gold
Heavenly Creatures – Unsolicited Advice
Hemingway – Delusional
Hiccup – Austin
Hideout – See You Around
Holy Youth – Rave On
Hyla – Swam Out
INVSM – Immer Zu
Islay – Teenage Kixx
It’s For Us – In The Space
Jennifer – Black Cat
John Canoe – Chinese Take Away
Juniore – Extralucide
Las Piñas – Nueva Atlantis
Las Rosas – Black Cherry
Leathers – Missing Scene
León Benavente – Se Mueve
Linda Guilala – Y Si Todo Cambia (Apartamentos Acapulco Cover)
Lions Of Dissent – Feel The Bliss
Los Planetas – Ijtihad
Los Punsetes – Miedo
Mahalo! – Sun Back
Major Leagues – It Was Always You
Marbled Eye – Dirt
Me And The Bees – The Only One
Milk Music – Twists & Turns & Headtrips
Mnnqns – Next Time I Try
Moon Duo – Sevens
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel – When The Morning Greets You With A Smile
Omar Rodríguez-López – Victor
Pan Total – Los Chinos
Party Hardly – Oh My God
Peer – I Don’t Wanna
Pet Symmetry – Stare Collection
Pins – All Hail
Pip Blom – I Think I’m In Love
Plume Of Feathers – One Year On
Pony – Alone Tonight
Psyence – Cold Blooded Killer
Public Service Broadcasting – Progress (Feat. Tracyanne Campbell)
Regular Boys – Meat Pie
Ruby – Deadlock
Sacramentos – En El Más Allá
Scotdrakula – Psychic Hotline
Second Still – You Two So Alike
Sheer – Shut It Off
Shit Girlfriend – Mummy’s Boy
Shy Nature – Mango Trees
Skaters – Criminal
Slowdive – Sugar For The Pill
Slowlights – I Try So Hard
Soaked – Finally
Sonic Jesus – Outdoor
Spinning Coin – Tin
Spiral Stairs – Emoshuns
Splashh – See Through
Stillia – Let Me In
Strange Things – A Quiet Dawn
Sundara Karma – Lose The Feeling
Taiwan Housing Project – Authentic Alien Perfume
Tall Juan – Baby
Terry Malts – It’s Not Me
The Buttertones – Matador
The Death Of Pop – Pain Is Needless
The High Curbs – Empty Bottles
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Get On Home
The Madcaps – Come
The Menzingers – After The Party
The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions
The Obsessives – It’s Ok If
The Oyster Murders – Eliza Battle
The Perfect Kiss – Disconnect
The Phantoms – Shadows
The Seams – ADHD
The Sun’s Evil Twin – Until It Wasn’t
The Tills – I Swear It
The Vacant Lots – Night Nurse
The Whooperups – Karaoke
Tigers Jaw – Guardian
Tough Age – Scald
UV-TV – You’re High
Valentí – Empat Infinit
W. H. Lung – Nothing Is
Wavves – Animal
White Mystery – F.Y.M.S.
Wurld Series – Serpent’s Egg
Yi – Not So Dead


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