IndieRock DJ Playlist 2016/06

A Giant Dog – Sleep When Dead
About Leaving – Backwards
Amor En La Isla – Muerte Paraiso
Angelic Milk – Rebel Black
Animal Logic – Too American
Antelopes – What You Want
Arms – Missing
Basketball Shorts – Looking
Beach Skulls – Heavy Pound
Belgian Fog – 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
Bird Of Youth – Bitter Filth
Blackberries – Flowers Paint The Sky
Blue Jeans – Kara Keeley
Boxed In – Jist
Boy On Guitar – Something Warm
Boys – In My Mind
Bummers Eve – I Want Your Drugs
Burrito Panza – Una Octava Parte De Mi
Cat’s Eyes – Drag
Chandeli’ers – Gabrielle
Channel – Luv Arcade
Charly Bliss – Ruby
Citrus Clouds – Christine (House Of Love Cover)
Cocktails – Hypochondriac
Colornoise – She Was Machine
Courtship Ritual – Down Low
Dead Horse One – Season Of Mist
Decorations – At Your Leisure
Deerhoof – Criminals Of The Dream
Delagoon – Somehow
Dentist – Awful
Diet – Life Limbo
Dinosaur Jr. – Tiny
Dogbreth – Cups And Wrappers
Dot Dash – Dumb Entertainment
Dream Wife – Kids
Dune Rats – Bullshit
Eagulls – Blume
El Palacio De Linares – Los Peces
Erik Voeks – She Loved Her Jangle Pop
False Heads – Thick Skin
Fews – If Things Go On Like This
Field Mouse – The Mirror
Foammm – There Is Somewhere You Need To Be
Frameworks – Purge
Frankie Teardrop – Back To It
Free Pizza – Dancing
French Films – Think It Over
Ghost Wave – All U Do Is Kill
Green Buzzard – Motorcars & Jaguars
Happyness – Sb’s Truck
Hater – Radius
Hayman Kupa Band – Someone To Care
Helen Love – First Girl From Wales In New York
HelloLisa – We’re Fucked Up
Hidden Charms – Cannonball
Homecomings – Perfect Sounds Forever
Hush! – Teenage Weekends
Inheaven – Meat Somebody
Into The Woods – Shakedown
It’s A Fine Line – The Delivery (Feat. Alex Kapranos)
Jackal Onasis – The New Ron
Japanese Breakfast – In Heaven
Jessica & The Fletchers – Marble Fountain
Jollys – Why
Kid Canaveral – First We Take Dumbarton
Kokoshca – Corazón Caliente
Kula Shaker – Let Love Be (With U)
La Femme – Ou Va Le Monde
Las Piñas – Crucero Caribe
Leapling – You Lemme Know
Linda Guilala – Accidente
Lisa Prank – Take It All
Little Children – Every Little Light
Long Limbs – All My Friends Are Older Than Me
Lunatics On Pogosticks – Drug Deals
Margaret Glapsy – You And I
Marge – Give It Time
Mercury Girls – All That Heaven Allows
Mnnqns – Capital Talk
Modern Baseball – Mass
Moondreamzzz – Porcelain Skin
Mumblr – VHS
Naps – Bad Vibrations
Nicky Blitz – Don’t Choke
Night School – Last Disaster
No Aloha – Dud
Omni – Wire
Otherkin – Yeah, I Know
Pale Lights – Girl In The Park
Panda Riot – June 20Th
Paws – Impermanent
Penicillin Baby – Fools No One
Popincourt – I Found Out
Rapid Results College – Cafe Girl
Ratboys – Not Again
Sadsurfers – Animales
Sans Sebastien – La Fête Est Triste (Feat. Laurence Guatarbes)
Sat. Nite Duets – St. Yuppie
She Makes War – Cold Shoulder
Shirley & The Pyramids – All The Time
Sightlines – Foreknowledge
Sloucher – Flower Girl
Smiles – Cold Cold Heart
Sonic Visions – Into Yesterday
Sonny And The Sunsets – Reject Of The Lowest Planet
Spooky Cigarette – Oh Well
Sport – Muscles
Spring King – Detroit
Star – Cock Swan
Stephen Steinbrink – Anagrams
Strange-Cages – Lavasurf Lovesong
Susan – Leave Me
Swarming Branch – Zsazsur’s Real Estate Song
Swimming Tapes – Set The Fire
T-Rextasy – I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker
T.O.Y.S – G-A-C
Talking Bush – Desperate
Tall Juan – Break It All (Los Shakers Cover)
Teen Body – Daymoon
Teen Commandments – Big Old Brain
The Avalanches – Colours (Feat. Jonathan Donahues)
The Baudelaires – Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
The Bay Rays – New Home
The Beths – Whatever
The Black Underground – Cosmic Dreamer
The Blank Tapes – Dance To The Dance
The Britanys – Get My
The Creases – Impact
The Diamond Age – Popular Science
The Gotobeds – Cold Gold (La’s Alright)
The Julie Ruin – I’m Done
The Kills – Siberian Nights
The Lapelles – Grab Life By
The Lousy Annas – Braggadocio
The Monkees – Whatever’s Right
The Mystery Lights – Follow Me Home
The New Romantics – Tell You
The New Tigers – Chewing Gum
The Orielles – Sliders
The Pleasure Holes – Lovebug
The Spook School – Gone Home
The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing
The Valery Trails – Ok
The Villas – Long Player
Thee Oh Sees – Plastic Plant
Thin Lips – I Wonder
Tibet – She Don’t Know
Tiga Lilly – Aeroplane
Triángulo De Amor Bizarro – A Cantiga De Juan C (Beach Boys Cover)
Twin Drama – Waiting For
Twin River – Baby
Univers – Bons Nois
Veronica Bianqui – Aah, Paris…
VHS – Public Act
Victory Kicks – States Need Spies
Violent Soho – So Sentimental
Wesley Fuller – Runaway Renee
White Room – Think Too Much
Whyte Horses – Promise I Do
Wild Animals – Avocado
Wild Raccoon – Oh Well, Okay
Wind Along The Coast – Don’t Look Back
Woahnows – Mess
Yak – Hungry Heart
Yucky Duster – Friend Zone


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