IndieRock DJ Playlist 2015-08 August

!!! – Freedom! ’15
Air Waves – Horse Race
Albert Hammond Jr. – Side Boob
Alias Kid – Zara Henna
Aline – Chaque Jour Qui Passe
All Dogs – That Kind Of Girl
Amor En La Isla – Deshabitadas
Antarctigo Vespucci – Impossible To Place
Baby Strange – Trouble
Bad Bad Hats – Say Nothing
Baston – Maybe I’m Dead
Best Friends – Holy Mountain
Birthmark – Find Yourself
Blossoms – Blown Rose
Boat Culture – Half Old
Boat Culture – Tanns
Bodyheat – Take It Over
Camera Shy – Remember
Childbirth – Nasty Grrls
Communions – Forget It’s A Dream
Dan Svizeny – Dreams Came True
Day Wave – Nothing At All
Debris Hill – Disintegrate
Diane Coffee – Mayflower
Dogs On Acid – The Prick
Ducktails – Surreal Exposure
Dustin And The Explosions – I Don’t Know Any Kakarot, That’s Not My Name
Dusty Mush – It’s Alright Pizza Trash
Eliot Wilder – Brilliant Day
Flesh – Not Gna
Funeral Advantage – Gardensong
Fuzz – Rat Race
Gal Pals – Ex-Marionette
Gold Class – Life As A Gun
Half Japanese – Stuck On You
Hazel English – It’s Not Real
Health – Flesh World (Uk)
Here We Go Magic – Falling
Hey Anna – Move Your Body
Hidden Charms – Long Way Down
Hinds – Chili Town
Hooton Tennis Club – P.O.W.E.R.F..U.L.P.I.E.R.R.E.
Hyla – Weightless Cloud
In-Flight Safety – Destroy (Uk)
Jacuzzi Boys – Happy Damage
KAH – Television
Kinski – I Fell Like A Fucking Flower
La Luz – I Wanna Be Alone (With You)
Loomer – Schizophrenia (Sonic Youth Cover)
Los Monos – El Tuerto
Lost Boy – Big Business Monkey (Daniel Johnston Cover)
Lost Tapes – Lost In Youth
Lowtide – Spring
Lunchbox – Heaven
Lvl Up – Blur
Mammoth Penguins – Work It Out
Maniobra De Q – Jugar Con Fuego
Many Things – Burn Together
Marineros – Secretos
Marlon Williams – Hello Miss Lonesome
Menace Beach – Super Transporterreum
Micachu & The Shapes – Sad
Mike Krol – This Is The News
Moon Types – Know The Reason
Morning Harvey – Pinch Me Velvet
Nai Harvest – Dive In
Natalie Pryce – Derek Scott
New Order – Restless
Night Drive – Queen (Perfume Genius Cover)
No Fucks – 7Teen
Nolita View – Departed
Oscar – Forget Me Not
Ought – Men For Miles
Painted Palms – Disintegrate
Palma Violets – Girl, You Couldn’t Do Much Better On The Beach
Parlement – Little Liar
Parquet Courts – Pretty Girls (Joey Pizza Slice Cover)
Peaches – Bodyline (Feat. Nick Zinner)
Pearl And The Beard – You
Peluquería Canina – Hilda Zaude
Pony Time – Time Tells Me
Postcards From Jeff – Suburban Girl
Public Enemy – Honkey Talk Rules (The Rolling Stones Cover)
Rey Pila – Fire Away
Riff Raff – Spazz Out (Feat. Travis Barker)
Rod Mo – The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (The Flaming Lips Cover)
Romp – Drive
Royal Headache – Another World
Salad Boys – Dream Date
Say Hi – The Grass Is Always Greener
Say Sue Me – Bad Habit
Scandal – Stamp!
Schonwald – Rescue (Echo And The Bunnymen Cover)
Sealings – White Devil
Sego – The Fringe
Sextile – Can’t Take It
Shit Present – Anxious Type
Sleaford Mods – No One’s Bothered
Sloppy Jane – Glitterspit
Soft Lions – Waitress
Sorority Noise – Wesleyan’s Best Dressed
Southern – Lone Driver
Sports – Saturday
Submarino – Henry Kissinger
Summer Camp – You’re Gone
Summer Cannibals – Show Us Your Mind
Swervedriver – Winter Depths
Talk In Tongues – She Lives In My House
The Airplanes – Where Are You Now
The Atom Age – Wasteoid
The Bombshells – Crazy Boy
The Chemical Brothers – I’ll See You There
The Chills – America Says Hello
The Death Of Pop – Rayban Party
The Golden Eaves – No Other
The Haywains – Bobbie Gentry’s Tears
The Jungle Giants – Kooky Eyes
The Legendary House Cats – Kind Words
The Moth & The Flame – Young & Unafraid
The Rightovers – Valerie
The Saurs – Thursday
Tiggs Da Author – Georgia
Tsuki – Owl
Twinsmith – Said And Done
Under Electric Light – Pieces Of Me
Ural Thomas – Pain Is The Name Of Your Game
Vukovar – Koen Cohen K.
Wavves – Way Too Much
White Reaper – On Your Mind
Wilco – The Joke Explained
Wimps – Settling Down
Wolf Saga X For Esme – Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)
Womps – Live A Little Less
Yo La Tengo – Friday I’m In Love (The Cure Cover)
Youthmemory – Raspberry
Zig Zags – Sunken City


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