IndieRock DJ Playlist 2015-02 February

A Place To Bury Strangers – Fill The Void
Adam Lempel – Color Tv
Adelaida – Holograma
Anakin – Ctrl. Alt. Del
Anomie – Of You
Anteros – Anteros
Astrolabio – ExtraÒa Radiacion
Asylums – Wet Dream Fanzine
Babies – Got Old
Bc Camplight – You Should’ve Gone To School
Big Summer – Blackfly
Blenders – Amigos
Bonsais – Los Perdimos De Vista
Boxed In – All Your Love Is Gone (Michael Rother Remix)
Bruising – Can’t You Feel
Calyer – Memory Pools
Calyer – Mystery Pill
Carl Barat And The Jackals – We Want More
Chapa Mamba – A Soma Do Quadrado Dos Caretas
Chapa Mamba – Despertador
Charlatans – Lean In
Charles Howl – Going Down With A Hi
Clara Plath – Fuck My Car
Colleen Green – Grind My Teeth
Colleen Green – Tv
Computer Magic – All I Ever Wanted
Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best
Da Souza – Boca A Boca
Dan Deacon – Learning To Relax
Dan Deacon – Sheathed Wings
Darren Hayman – May Day 1894
Day Ravies – Hickford Whizz
Deadpanzies – Frightgirls
Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun
Diet Cig – Harvard
Dixybait – El Robot De Ayer
Erase Errata – My Life In Shadows
Etti-Etta – I Wanna Be A Writer
Fireworks – On And On
Fireworks – Which Way To Go
Fluoride – Sleep
Franky Flowers – Fell In Love
Franny & Zooey – Literary Love
Freak Heat Waves – Dig A Hole
Gal Pals – Do You Ever
Ghxst – No Luck
Giirls – Dance
Giirls – One
Gleemer – Shoulder Pads
Graham Situation – The Price (Kill Me)
Hante – Beyond The Waves
Happyness – A Whole New Shape
Hexagrams – Soft Drugs
Holy – Demon’s Hand
Hurry – Shake It Off
Idc – What’s Going On Here
Inspiral Carpets – It’s A Good Job Baby
Istillfeelit – Perfume
Jack Thunder & The Road Soda – Captain Adaptive
Jacques – Weekends
Jawbreaker Reunion – My Own
Jd Mcpherson – Head Over Heels
Joanna Gruesome – Last Year
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Good Looking Woman
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Turkish Delight
Lapin – Cette Fille
Lapin – Ciel Des Nuits
Laura Carbone – Swans
Lazyeyes – Windowsill
Le Preste – Cor Amb Cor
Life In Film – Get Closer
Lightning Bug – Bobby
Little Secrets – All I Need (Single Version)
Lonelady – Groove It Out
Lost Boy – Hemorrhage
Lovebyrd – Shot From The Sun
Low Culture – Oh Jazelle
Mademoiselle K – Laaa La
Mademoiselle K – R U Swimming
Man Made – Carsick Cars
Marsheaux – See You (Depeche Mode Cover)
Mikal Cronin – Made My Mind Up
Missing Leech – Painted By Covers
Mkrni – Mi Cuerpo Pide
Momo – Lemon
Moonsters – Christine (Siouxsie And The Banhees Cover)
Motorama – Corona
Mushroom Club – I Love You
Noise By Numbers – High On Drama
Novella – Land Gone
Nuria Graham – Christopher
O Tortuga – Siempre Vago
Oceanss – Ancolia
Oceanss – Lick The Star
Oeil – Myrtle
Of Montreal – Apollyon Of Blue Room
P.H.F. – Cry-On
P.H.F. – I Was A Kid (Feat. Emily Edrosa)
P.H.F. – I.D.W.
Pascal Comelade & The Limiñanas – Carnival Of Souls
Pequeño Zoologico De Ruidos – Espiral
Peter Kernel – High Fever
Pinkshinyultrablast – Holy Forest
Pizza Time – Ya Se Fue (Demo)
Plastique Noir – Tyrannosaur
Pond – Outside Is The Right Side
Pop Group – S.O.P.H.I.A.
Quarterbacks – Not In Luv
R. Stevie Moore And Jason Falkner – I Love Us, We Love Me
R. Stevie Moore And Jason Falkner – If You See Kay Run For Your Lives!
Raindeer – This Is Rock N’ Roll
Ran Ran Ran – Tot Ok Stop
Resistor – Cordless Phone
Resistor – Falling (Angelo Badalamenti Cover)
Robi – A Cet Endroit
Rotaries – Town Light
Salsa Cinderella – Glad You Came To Me (Haunted)
Sarah Mcgowan – Williamsburg Boy
Seazoo – Panda Pains
Seratones – Chokin’ On Your Spit
Sidekicks – Century Schoolbook Grown-Ups
Sidekicks – Hell Is Warm
Siesta! – Fuerza De Gravedad Absoluta
Sink Tapes – Blow Me A Kiss
Sink Tapes – Maybe Gray
Skittle Alley – Love Is Love
Skittle Alley – Video On Someone Else’s Phone
Slutever – Smother
Soft Moon – Far
Soft Moon – Wrong
Sonics – Bad Betty
Spirit Club – Still Life
St. Vincent – Bad Believer
Stalls – Cola
Steeple Remove – Silver Banana
Stumble – Resentment. I’d Never
Suburban Living – New Strings
Suburban Living – Wasted
Subways – We Get Around
Sundowners – Back To You
Sunflower Bean – Tame Impala
Surf City – Beat The Summer Heat
Surf City – Hollow Veins
Surf Rock Is Dead – Late Risers
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake – Beach Leech
Sweardriver – Autodidact
Syd Kemp – The Horror
Tendrum – Predicador
The Room Without Sun – Ways To Me
Travelling Wave – The Crow
Tubelight – White City
Tuff Love – That’s Right
Twerps – Cheap Education
Unlikely Friends – Satellite Station
Vacant Lots – 6 Am (Alan Vega Remix)
Vaccines – Handsome
Varsovie – La Felure
Venera 4 – Colored Fields
Verdena – Un Po’ Esageri
Virginia Wing – Marnie
Wave Pictures – Pea Green Coat
Waves – Kaleidoscope
Waxahatchee – La Loose
Weed – Meet Me With Ease
What Tyrants – Muffins
Wildhoney – Sleep Through It
Will Butler – Anna
Wire – Joust & Jostle
Woof. – My Device
Yetis – Little Surfer Girl
Young Guv – Crushing Sensation
Yumi Zouma – Catastrophe


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