IndieRock DJ Playlist 2014-07 July

Acid Fast – Old Ideas
Acid Fast – Shred Forever
Aerofall – Fear For Everyone
Aerofall – Sit On The Sideline
Arre! Arre! – Silent Treatment
Ash Code – Empty Room
Atlantic Thrills – Boozin’ All Night
Atlantic Thrills – Day At The Beach
Atlantic Thrills – Holy Mountain
Babe Rainbow – 1964
Beach Day – Don’t Call Me On The Phone
Beach Pigs – 333
Beach Pigs – Night Surfing
Beach Slang – Kids
Beach Slang – Punk Or Lust
Bear In Heaven – Autumn
Bestia Bebé – El Monje
Beverly – All The Things
Black Bananas – Dope On An Island
Black Islands – Missing Flame
Blanket Barricade – We Fit Together
Bleached – For The Feel
Bohicas – Bloodhound
Bohicas – Crush Me
Camp David – Brilla I Gira
Camper Van Beethoven – It Was Like That When We Got Here
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
Casey Jack – Not In Love With The Modern World
Cold Beat – Uv
Cold Beat – Wave
Colours – You Can’t See Me
Comet Control – Future Forever
Comet Gain – (All The) Avenue Girls
Comet Gain – Behind The House She Lived In
Doubleplusgood – Sometimes
El Silver Cabs – Oh No
Eugene Mcguinness – Black Stang
Eureka California – Edith (One Day You’ll Live In A Bunker)
Ex-Pet – Can Of Worms
Field Mouse – Everyone But You
Flipping Colors – Only In Dreams
Flyying Colours – Not Today
Franny & Zooey – I Love You
Gil De Ray – Little Heart
Hyperturf – Talk
I Do Not Love – What Is Mine
J Mascis – Every Morning
Jaguwar – Breathe Bullets Which Taste Like Pure Fruit
Jaguwar – Muffhead
Just Lions – Great. Okay
Keluar – Surface
Kestrels – Eternal And Debased
Kestrels – The Moon Is Shining Our Way
Kestrels – Wide Eyes
Leaf Library – The Greater Good
Les Marinellis – Deux Pour Trois
Let’s Be Loveless – A Boy’s Irrational Bedtime Fear
Lost Boy – Hollywood
Lunatics On Pogosticks – Less Than Sober
Miniature Tigers – Oblivious
Morrissey – Staircase At The University
Negative Lovers – Last Sex
Neuman – Turn It
Nightstalker – Dope Sack
Nightstalker – Happy All The Time
Ornamento Y Delito – Carnaval Armado
Ornamento Y Delito – Radio
Os Drongos – Phoney Beings
Painted Zeros – Jaime
Pink Mountaintops – The Second Summer Of Love
Pleistocene – Big Bangs
Ps I Love You – In My Mind At Least
Res – Equilibri
Res – Fosc
Saint Valentine State (Lost Tapes + Wallflower) – Moments Are Moments
School Of Seven Bells – I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up) (Joey Ramone Cover)
Seasurfer – Stay (Trash Club Remix)
Siamese Twins – Alone
Snowy Nasdaq – Dream Pig
Son Bou – Calle Principal
Spies – Moosehead
Spoon – Do You
Strange Cages – Desert
Subway Elephant – Deep Breath
Susan – Pancake
Sweet Valley Slumber Party – Search For Love
Telekinesis – Sebastian
Tense Men – Stages Of Boredom
Terrier – Espia
The Creases – Static Lines
The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers
The Rentals – Thought Of Sound
The Vaselines – One Lost Year
The Watchmakers – Illumination
Thons – Make Me Believe In You
Thons – Violate
Total Slacker – Super Big Gulp
Towns – Just Everything
Tripwires – Total Fascination Stuff
Tv Girl – Birds Dont Sing
Twin Berlin – You’re A Problem
Veruca Salt – It’s Holy
Weekends – Basement Fuzz
Weird Bombs – Tanned Tits
White Reaper – Conspirator
White Reaper – Funn

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