IndieRock DJ Playlist 2014-06 June

Aerofall – Nice.mp3
Aliment – Cementiri.mp3
Aliment – Nightmare Girl.mp3
All Sparks Burn Out – It’s Something (Feat. Somray).mp3
Archie Bronson Outfit – Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody (The Pyramids Cover).mp3
Army Navy – The Mistakes.mp3
Ash Code – Dry Your Eyes.mp3
Avery Rosewater – Jeff 24.mp3
Baby Nelson & The Philistines – Sobre Las Panteras.mp3
Band Of Skulls – Hoochie Coochie.mp3
Beach Beach – Just Like Before.mp3
Black Twig – Sunday Air.mp3
Blackstone Rngrs – Descendant Of.mp3
Blackstone Rngrs – Judas Tree.mp3
Blackstone Rngrs – You Never.mp3
Bob Mould – Fix It.mp3
Bob Mould – The War.mp3
Brenna Lowrie – Dancing Machine.mp3
Burnt Palms – The Girl You Knew.mp3
Buzzcocks – People Are Strange Machines.mp3
Cabana – Warmest Night.mp3
Ceremony – Birds.mp3
Ceremony – It’s Not You.mp3
Ceres – Syllables.mp3
Chicago Toys – Color.mp3
Chicago Toys – Jaguar.mp3
Circa Waves – Young Chasers.mp3
Cocktails – Bob Pollard’s Mind.mp3
Crystal Stilts – Delirium Tremendous.mp3
Dead Parties – Disappear.mp3
Desert – Tu Ets El So.mp3
Desperate Journalist – Happening.mp3
Detachments – Endgame.mp3
Die Fritzels – Valley Hoe.mp3
Die Katapult – Kristall Reinheit.mp3
Eastlink – What A Silly Day (Australia Day).mp3
Echo Friendly – Panic.mp3
Echo Friendly – Worried.mp3
El Egiptólogo – Al Otro Lado.mp3
El Egiptólogo – Benidorm.mp3
Elephant Stone – Three Poisons.mp3
Eugene Mcguinness – Godiva.mp3
Ex Norwegian – Feelin’ It.mp3
Fuckaine – Hooray.mp3
Furrow – Dear Hunter.mp3
Gil De Ray – Little Heart.mp3
Gillooly – Coffee.mp3
Hard Left – What’s That Sound.mp3
Haunted Hearts – House Of Lords (Album Version).mp3
Heaters – Hampton Meeks.mp3
Heathers – Dalliance (The Wedding Present Cover).mp3
Heathers – Getting Nowhere Fast (Girls At Our Best! Cover).mp3
Hedgehog – Dddreammm.mp3
Hedgehog – Phantom Pop Star.mp3
Hey Chica! – Intentare.mp3
Horse Party – Inbetween.mp3
Hot Flash Heat Wave – Dirty Dreamer (Xxx).mp3
Imaginary Pants – Creaking Gates.mp3
Jack White – Just One Drink.mp3
Jake Bugg – The Odds.mp3
Jaws – Be Slowly.mp3
Jet Setter – Not Yet.mp3
Jon Mckiel – New Tracy (I Will Learn To See).mp3
Jupiter Lion – Doppelganger.mp3
Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It.mp3
Karma Gurus – Al Despertar.mp3
Keluar – Vitreum.mp3
La Sera – Kiss This Town Away.mp3
Las Robertas – Better Days.mp3
Las Robertas – Inside And Out.mp3
Las Robertas – Seconds Away.mp3
Leonor SS – Te Iré A Buscar.mp3
Los Campesinos! – Little Mouth.mp3
Los Infierno – Si No Te Late (Conmigo No Vas A Estar).mp3
Los Puchos! – Rachel Tell Me.mp3
Lost Tapes – Skylines.mp3
Lust Era – Baila Conmigo.mp3
Luvbugs – Nos Dois.mp3
Macho – Trampolín.mp3
Manic Street Preachers – Europa Geht Durch Mich.mp3
Maria False – Ribbon.mp3
Marlenes – Don’t Care.mp3
Martha – 1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely.mp3
Martha – Dust, Juice, Bones And Hair.mp3
Martha – Move To Durham And Never Leave.mp3
Martyr Privates – Something To Sell.mp3
Me And The Bees – Hugo.mp3
Meatbodies – Wahoo.mp3
Moderns – Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo And The Bunnymen Cover).mp3
Mouthbreathers – Born Grown.mp3
Mouthbreathers – College Rock.mp3
Mouthbreathers – Fancy.mp3
Murciano Total – La Parranda (Feat. J).mp3
Museum Mouth – Alex Impulse.mp3
Naomi Punk – Television Man.mp3
Niños Del Parque – Santilli.mp3
Nopop – O, Tv.mp3
Nostalgics – Visions.mp3
Parquet Courts – Always Back In Town.mp3
Parquet Courts – Ducking & Dodging.mp3
Parrots – Loving You Is Hard.mp3
Paws – Give Up.mp3
Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi.mp3
Playboy Manbaby & Petty Things – Brenden Lechner.mp3
Say Hi – Hurt In The Morning.mp3
Shorts – Wonder (I Just Wanna).mp3
Shy Nature – She Comes She Goes.mp3
Sick Hyenas – Hoe.mp3
Sick Hyenas – Howling Rags.mp3
Silent Love – My Sunny Day.mp3
Single Parents – VHS.mp3
Sleaford Mods – Tiswas.mp3
Sleep Party People – I See The Moon.mp3
Slowness – Division.mp3
Slowness – Illuminate.mp3
Slowness – Mountain.mp3
Sonic Avenues – Waiting For A Change.mp3
Soundcarriers – Boiling Point.mp3
Soundcarriers – Entropicalia.mp3
Spoonboy – Great Mistake Maker.mp3
Static Daydream – Blue Tambourine Girl.mp3
Straight Arrows – Petrified.mp3
Strand Of Oaks – Goshen ’97.mp3
Super Crayon – De Sang Froid.mp3
Sweet Valley – Blow Torch.mp3
The Balcony Stars – Crystal Bones.mp3
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Goodbye (Butterfly).mp3
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Vad Hande Med Dem.mp3
The Fresh & Onlys – Hummingbird.mp3
The Good Sports – No Sleep Pt. 2.mp3
The Orwells – Always N Forever.mp3
The Orwells – Southern Comfort.mp3
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Impossible.mp3
The Subways – My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat.mp3
The Zebras – Try.mp3
Tijuana Panthers – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays (Buzzcocks Cover).mp3
Tijuana Panthers – Reaction.mp3
Total Control – Black Spring.mp3
Total Control – Expensive Dog.mp3
Total Control – Systematic Fuck.mp3
Twin Peaks – Flavor.mp3
Unicycle Loves You – Falling Off.mp3
Unicycle Loves You – We Never Worry.mp3
Va’adat Harigim – Ze Beseder Lefahed.mp3
Vacant Lots – Mad Mary Jones.mp3
Vellut – Monstre.mp3
Vertical Scratchers – Way Out.mp3
Vex Ruffin – Technology.mp3
Wake Up – Forever Home.mp3
Weed Hounds – Harbor.mp3
When Nalda Became Punk – A Secret Plan.mp3
When Nalda Became Punk – Daylight Saving Time.mp3
When Nalda Became Punk – Indiepop Or Whatever.mp3
White Reaper – Cool.mp3
Wild Balbina – Blue Hour.mp3
Wild Balbina – Looking Through You.mp3
Wild Balbina – Winter Trees.mp3
Wish List – Camp Trippin.mp3
Wish List – Dumpweed 2.mp3
X-Ray Harpoons – Explosions.mp3
Xeno & Oaklander – Nuage D’ivoire.mp3

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