IndieRock DJ Playlist 2014-05 May

1, 2, 3 – When The Levee Broke At The Count.mp3
107 Faunos – El Camino.mp3
A Victim Of Society – Once Again.mp3
Aries – Visiones.mp3
Ataque De Caspa – La Pesca (Versión Album 2014).mp3
Barcelona 82 – Elektronik.mp3
Bart Davenport – Wearing The Changes.mp3
Beach Day – All My Friends Were Punks.mp3
Beverly – You Can’t Get It Right.mp3
Big Eyes – Asking You To Stay.mp3
Bis – Minimum Wage.mp3
Black Lips – Funny (Alternate Version).mp3
Bob Mould – I Don’t Know You Anymore.mp3
Bonnie ‘prince’ Willy – Die Young (Kesha Cover).mp3
By Divine Right – Mutant Message.mp3
Cheri Cheri Jaguar – Shosho.mp3
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Coming Down (Feat. Matt Berninger).mp3
Clara Plath – A Whisper.mp3
Cloud Control – Praise You (Fatboy Slim Cover).mp3
Cold Beat – Mirror.mp3
Cut – Time Traveller.mp3
Dead Horse One – I Love My Man.mp3
Dead Horse One – Raven.mp3
Deer Murray – Breaking Down.mp3
Dulce Pájara De Juventud – Evelyn Fuck Machine.mp3
Eels – Where I’m From.mp3
El Columpio Asesino – Anzuelos.mp3
El Columpio Asesino – La Lombriz De Tu Cuello.mp3
Elastic Sleep – Tzar Bomba (No More Tears).mp3
Eric Curiel – De Tu Corazón.mp3
Fear Of Men – Descent.mp3
Fear Of Men – Waterfall.mp3
Feature – Psalms.mp3
Flesh Wounds – Bitter Boy.mp3
Forest – Box.mp3
French Leisure – Captain Midnight.mp3
Friendly Fires & The Asphodells – Velo.mp3
Froth – Acid Couple Kiss.mp3
Gold-Bears – Chest.mp3
Gold-Bears – For You.mp3
Gold-Bears – Yeah, Tonight.mp3
Grand Blanc – Samedi La Nuit.mp3
Grushenka – Mi Hermana Pequeña (Los Planetas Cover).mp3
Guided By Voices – Males Of Wormwood Mars.mp3
Honeyblood – Killer Bangs.mp3
Iggy Pop & Nick Cave – Nobody’s City (Feat. Thurston Moore) (The Gun Club Cover).mp3
Iris – Fix Me.mp3
Jack White – Lazaretto.mp3
James – Moving On.mp3
Jazz June – Over Underground.mp3
Jeff Beck – Why Give It Away (Feat. Sophie Delila).mp3
Juanita Y Los Feos – Noche Más Negra.mp3
La Sera – Running Wild.mp3
Lightfoils – Addict.mp3
Lithuania – God In Two Persons.mp3
Loom – Yosoko.mp3
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Sealed Scene.mp3
Los Mundos – Todo Te Cobran.mp3
Lost Boy¿ – Wasted.mp3
Lost Fills – Windows 78.mp3
Lost Tapes – Poetry Dates.mp3
Luxembourg Signal – Distant Drive.mp3
Made Violent – Dirty.mp3
Made Violent – Talk About It.mp3
Morning Parade – Shake The Cage.mp3
Mountain Bike – Torture.mp3
Mountain Bike – Word Land.mp3
Mowbird – Andre The Giant.mp3
Mowbird – Happy Active Horse Organ.mp3
Mowbird – The Yellow Fog.mp3
Mujeres – Aquella Luz.mp3
Mujeres – Sueña.mp3
Mystic Braves – I Want You Back.mp3
Mystic Braves – There’s A Pain.mp3
Nicky Blitz – Alex.mp3
Nine Black Alps – Supermarket Clothes.mp3
Nitch – Sunday Sunday.mp3
Novella – Follow.mp3
Nun – Evoke The Sleep.mp3
Of Montreal – Jigsaw Puzzle.mp3
Only Real – Cadillac Girl.mp3
Oren Ambarchi – Milk A Cow With A Monkey Wrench.mp3
Oscar – Sometimes.mp3
Ought – The Weather Song.mp3
Pack Ad – Creepin’ Jenny.mp3
Paradox Obscur – Creatures.mp3
Parquet Courts – Black And White.mp3
Paws – Let’s All Let Go.mp3
Paws – Narcissist.mp3
Pegase – Old Idol.mp3
Pentina’t Lula – Flors De Plàstic.mp3
Pink Mountaintops – Sixteen.mp3
Pins – Shoot You.mp3
Pixies – Women Of War.mp3
Pizza Time – Tu Muchacho.mp3
Plouse – Martha’s Sadness.mp3
Praises – Breathing In.mp3
Primitive Hearts – Last Chance.mp3
Pujol – Circles.mp3
Reina Republicana – Si Está Bien (Los Planetas Cover).mp3
Royal Shoals – Com Et Dius.mp3
Secret Colours – Into You.mp3
Secret Son – Killing Time.mp3
Shonen Knife – Bad Luck Song.mp3
Silent Em – En Espera.mp3
Silk Filled Stilts – Tall Iv Carriers.mp3
Sweet Apple – Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer) (Feat. Mark Lanegan).mp3
Teleman – Skeleton Dance.mp3
Tempura Nights – R.I.P. Chix.mp3
The Black Angels – The Flop.mp3
The Horrors – Falling Star.mp3
The Kvb – Across The Sea.mp3
The Orwells – Always N Forever.mp3
The Owls – Krakow.mp3
The Pinheads – Hellbound.mp3
The Spectors – Dig.mp3
The Strypes – Still Gonna Drive You Home.mp3
Thee Ahs – Corey’s Coathangers.mp3
Tijuana Panthers – Cherry Street.mp3
Underground Lovers – Can For Now.mp3
Universal Circus – La Caja Del Diablo (Los Planetas Cover).mp3
Vàlius – Nostre.mp3
Vàlius – Set.mp3
Varsity – New Wave.mp3
Vete Vete – Patagonia.mp3
White Reaper – Half Bad.mp3
Wild Smiles – Fool For You.mp3

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