IndieRock DJ Playlist 2014-03 March

Active Bird Community – Astrophobia
Algiers – Indian Sweets
Average Times – Kraken
Average Times – Popsicle
Big Deal – Catch Up
Black Lips – Dorner Party
Black Lips – Justice After All
Blank Realm – Reach You On The Phone
Bleeding Rainbow – Start Again
Bleeding Rainbow – Time & Place
Bloom – King Tony
Bloom – The Waltz
Calling All Astronauts – It Could Have Been Lust
Camcorder – Push You Away
Carne – El Último Hombre En Pie
Cayetana – Hot Dad Calendar
Cecile Tiger Again – Shonen Ramones
Champ – Burnt Alive
Cheatahs – Leave To Remain
Clap Clap Riot – I Don’t
Clearence – Close Encounters
Cloud Nothings – Now Here In
Clouder – Lost In Reverie
Contrast – Pipe Dreams
Corners – Pressure
Cymbals – Erosion
Damaged Bug – Gloves For Garbage
Dead Leaf Echo – True.Deep.Sleeper
Death Masks – Memory
Demonhigh – Jungla De Asfalto
Diamond Age – I Might Just Be
Document – New Age
Document – Turnstile
Documenta – Blue Flower (Slapp Happy Cover)
Earth Girls – No Longing
Earth Girls – Unfinished Thoughts
Echotape – We Should Feel Like We Are In Love
El Último Vecino – Moscas Aulladoras, Perros Silenciosos (Los Burros Cover)
Fighter Pillow – Eternal Youth
Fighter Pillow – Neko
Flagland – Sugarcube
Flowers – C’est La Vie
Fujiya & Miyagi – Flaws
Gäy – Blue Blue Heart
Grandhorse – Short Drive With A Kidnapper
Grubs – Dec 15Th
Guided By Voices – Bad Love Is Easy To Do
Hallo Venray – Two Feet
Hawaiian Gremlins – Give It Up
Hedgehogs – Can’t Find Myself
Honduras – Borders
Honduras – Unscathed
Howling Bells – Slowburn
James – Frozen Britain
Japanther – Do It (Don’t Try)
Juice – Sugar
Just Handshakes – Kiwi
Keel Her – Go
La Féline – Adieu L’enfance
La Secte Du Futur – Fall Prism
La Secte Du Futur – No Fellowship
La Secte Du Futur – Someone Stole My Summer
La Sera – Losing To The Dark
Let’s Wrestle – Pull Through For You
Let’s Wrestle – Rain Ruins Revolution
Liannallull – Hem Oblidat El Cel
Linda Guilala – Carlos Baila (Family Cover)
Linda Guilala – Lo Siento Mucho
Los Bonsáis – El Mapa (Family Cover)
Los Waldners – Nunca Nos Fuimos
Love L.U.V. – Lily Anne
Love L.U.V. – You Do Something
Mainland – Shiner
Me And The Bees – Silver Cross
Mitsume – Sasayaki
Moods – Passion Keeps Us Together
Moss – She’s Got A Secret
Mox Nox – Somnis Condicionats
Mystic Braves – Born Without A Heart
Nai Harvest – Rush
Negative Youth – Sons & Daughters
New Coke – Duct Tape Your Mouth
Night Flowers – Embers
Novedades Carminha – Juventud Infinita
Ohios – Weekend
Ought – Waiting
Pastel Colours – She Can’t Decide
Paws – Tongues
Pink Mountaintops – Ambulance City
Pizza Time – Dammit (Feat. Lisa Prank)
Pizza Time – Remember When
Pujol – Pitch Black
Real Estate – Talking Backwards
Record Start – Followay
Russian Red – Anthony
Screen Vinyl Image – Edge Of Forever
Shake Some Action! – Colors Exploding
She’s A Tease – 99
Shindu – Gouge Away (Pixies Cover)
Shy Nature – Lie Back
Skaters – Symptomatic
Slander – Fuzzy Mouth
Sleepy Hahas – Dull Days
Soft Science – Feel
Split Single – Monolith
Static Daydream – Run Into The Night
Tacocat – Crimson Wave
The Aquadolls – Ultra Punk Love
The Beverleys – Bad Company
The Faint – Help In The Head
The Hold Steady – Spinners
The Horrors – I See You
The Men – Dark Waltz
The Men – Different Days
The Modern Age – So Sure
The Mono Polys – Insomnia
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Simple And Sure
The Raveonettes – The End (The Doors Cover)
The Rich Hands – Teenager
The Saurs – Came To You
The Strypes – Hard To Say No
Thee Oh Sees – Penetrating Eye
Tigres Leones – Pájaros
Tough Age – I Waste Too Much Time On Myself
Traams – Loose
Traps Ps – Leaders And Greeters
Tremenda Trementina – Sangre Pop
Triolian – In My Head
Twang – Larry Lizard
Tweens – Forever
Univers – Estàtua En Moviment
Univers – Heather
Univers – Iceberg
Urali – The Lover (Mistress) (Red House Painters Cover)
Vertical Scratchers – Someone
Vertical Scratchers – Waiting No Longer
Vibragun – Dirty Thing
Vodsel – Hinterland
Warm Soda – Renegade Mode
Water Liars – Ray Charles Dream
Wax Fang – The Astronaut Part 3
Wild Apes – Wanna Kill
Wildhoney – Seventeen
Wimps – Dog Pills (Gato’s Extended R-Mix)
Young Widows – Kerosene Girl
Youngteam – Shadows
Yuck – Another One
Zoo Brother – Please Don’t

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