Artista: Yumi Yumi Hip Hop
Track: Enamorats
Álbum: Enamorats / Madonna 7”
De: Barcelona
Sello: Snap! Clap! Club
Género: Indie Pop

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Filmed by Yumi Yumi Hip Hop on September 16th.
Edited by Dani Cantó from Snap! Clap! on September 16-19th
Thanks to everyone involved.

Lore woke up early to go to work. It will only last a week, but today it’s her first day. Eli has nothing to do all day, she’s meeting some friends for lunch. They both graduated from college just 24 hours ago, in Art History. Today they are supporting Sonny and the Sunsets. They’re nervous but the gig goes well. Lore goes to sleep early, she works tomorrow. Eli will stay a little longer, she won’t start her new job until Monday.

Though it might seem a life quite dull, it is real life. The day-to-day of the ‘yumis’ (or Yumi Yumi Hip Hop) is the closest thing to a real POP life. Yo wake up, you crawl over the daytime with whatever occupies your timeline, you play and you go to sleep. No props, no crazy parties, no non-sense or sexual poses. The Yumies are real POP. And this video is not intended to show otherwise.

Over the curse of 24 hours we called them 10 times, they called us once (when they got home). They answered every time and filmed their surroundings and told us what they were doing. This is Cinema Verité of the XXI Century. Snapchat meets Nouvelle Vague. Lore and Eli direct and act in their own pieces. They show real life in their own terms. No script. Then, we edited. And we added some spice to it.

‘Enamorats’ is their debut single in vinyl with Snap! Clap! Club record label after two succesful digital EPs. It will be released on the September 30th and presented live at Madrid Popfest (9/30) and Primavera Club (10/23).


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