TV Girl – Taking What’s Not Yours

Who Really Cares:

An album about Sex
Or lack thereof
And its consequences
Or lack thereof

Music and Lyrics by Brad Petering

Mixing and Mastering by Jason Wyman

Additional Vocals from Amber Quintero and Maddie “Acid” Keaton

“Cigarettes out the Window” and “For You” feature Frankie Cosmos samples, used with her permission.

“Not Allowed” features samples from The Yeastie Girlz’s “Ovary Action” 7 inch. Used with permission from the Girlz.

The cover art is a slightly altered photograph taken by George M. Hester. Used with his permission.

The liner note image with two people on a bed is a slightly altered photograph taken by the late M. Richard Kirstel. Used with permission from his family.

As a friend once said: Thanks for yr ears