Artista: Rays
Tema: The Garden
Álbum: You Can Get There From Here
Sello: Trouble In Mind
De: Oakland, USA
Género: Indie Pop
Publicación: 09/11/2018

Rays formed in the fertile crescent of the California Bay Area, a hotbed of musical growth in the past decade, and Rays’ members pull not only from that recent miasma but also from a wealth of Bay Area musical history. You Can Get There From Here represents a turning point for the band, angling their scrappy, post-punk fury into a more refined & melodic pop sensibility, drawing inspiration from UK DIY pop & punk like Dolly Mixture, Cleaners From Venus, Television Personalities & more.

Recorded April 2018 at Electric Duck in San Francisco by Kelley Stoltz.
Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young in Melbourne, Australia.
Front cover painting by Peter Hurley

Rays are: Stanley Martinez, Eva Hannan, Alexa Pantalone, Britta Leiijonflycht & Troy Hewitt


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