IndieRock DJ Playlist 2021/09 #1

A Estas Alturas – En La Playa
A Projection – No Control
Angel Olsen – Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol Cover)
Bad Bad Hats – Walkman
Bat Fangs – Queen Of My World
Bathe Alone – Take A Bow (Madonna Cover)
Battle Ave. – My Year With The Wizard
Blackaby – She’ll Make Some Time On A Monday
Blackwaters – Same Old
Blossoms – Care For
Breeze – Let It In
Buenatarde – Anda Con Cuidado
Children Collide – Turrets
Church Girls – Separated
Circuit Des Yeux – Dogma
Colleen Green – Someone Else
Cooper – ¡Hey, Tú!
Courtney Barnett – I’ll Be Your Mirror (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Creux Lies – Becoming
Dazy – Invisible Thing
Deeper – The Knife (Good Morning Remix)
Deerhoof – Plant Thief
DMA’s – We Are Midnight
Dog Days – Dancing Shoes
Ducks Ltd. – How Lonely Are You?
Dummy – Daffodils
Duran Duran – Anniversary
Dutch Criminal Record – 00’s Nostalgia
Dweller – Crowbar
Eddie Vedder – Drive (R.E.M. Cover)
Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado – La Otra Ciudad
Ellur – Moments
Emperor Of Ice Cream – Weather Vane
Fauness – Dragonfly
Felines – Sun
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Go Get A Tattoo (Feat. Lynks)
Friends Of Cesar Romero – Beauty And The Broken Heart
Fur – When You Walk Away, Pt. I
Furrows – Grey Cities
Future Islands – Peach
Geese – Low Era
Gemma Rogers – Rabbit Hole
Gold & Youth – The Worse The Better
Grupo De Expertos Solynieve – El Pleito
Gulfer – Neighbours
Gustaf – Best Behavior
Hana Vu – Everybody’s Birthday
Health – Judgement Night (Sidewalks & Skeletons Rmx)
Highschool – Sirens
Hot Garbage – Sometimes I Go Down
Hovvdy – Junior Day League
Idles – The God That Failed (Metallica Cover)
Idol State – Gripping At The Handrails
Indigo De Souza – Pretty Pictures
Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders – Visions
Jesse D’kora – Morning Light
José González – Swing
La Luz – The Pines
La Paloma – Ya Está
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Gemini
Lil Shei – Dans Ses DM
Lily Konigsberg – That’s The Way I Like It
Lions Of Dissent – Medicate + Alleviate
Loose Buttons – Minor Leaguer
Low – More
Lunatics On Pogosticks – Think Quick
Mac Mccaughan – Circling Around
Make Friends – Safe To Say
Marie Davidson & L’œil Nu – Persona
Matthew E. White – Nested
Media Giant – Afraid Of The Dark
Midi Memory – Anywhere, Anytime
Mildred Maude – Glen Plays Moses
Miles Kane – Don’t Let It Get You Down
Miloe – Winona (Feat. Jamila Woods & Vagabon)
Motorists – Surrounded
Nice Biscuit – The Tower
Niña Polaca – Nora
Nothing – Amber Gambler
Nvdes – Fuck The System (Fuck It Up)
Odonis Odonis – More
Onetwothree – Perfect Illusions
Pageants – Getting Real
Parquet Courts – Walking At A Downtown Pace
Pastel – Run Rabbit Run
Penelope Isles – Iced Gems
Pink Socks – Time Gets Wasted
Pip Blom – You Don’t Want This
Pleasure Centre – Opener
Porches – Lately
Roxy Girls – In The Drink
Sam Forrest – The Best Is Yet To Come
Sigrid – Burning Bridges
Sleigh Bells – Justine Go Genesis
Smallpools – Science Fiction
Snowy Band – Living With Myself
Social Station – Ready To Rewind
Soul Blind – Third Chain
Spector – Bad Summer
Spirit System – Passerine
Starflyer 59 – Sunrise
Sugarcandy Mountain – Sinking
Suns Up – Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now
Taraka – Psychocastle
Teen Blush – Boys Don’t Cry (The Cure Cover)
Tempura Nights – Waterboy
The Arctic Flow – Rehearsals
The Brutalists – Who’s Gonna Believe Ya
The Convenience – Fake Roses
The Great American Novel – Bad News, I Still Love You
The Lazy Eyes – Come On Let’s Go (Broadcast Cover)
The Llamps – Bon Vent
The Parrots – Lo Dejaría Todo
The Resonars – Little Grey Man
The Royston Club – The Backburner
The Vaccines – El Paso
The Wombats – If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You
The Zephyr Bones – Afterglow
Third Eye Blind – Again (Feat. Bethany Cosentino)
Toner – OX ’45
Ty Segall – Harmonizer
Ultra Q – Bowman
Vacation – Ripe
Ventrelles – A Symphony Of Sorts

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