IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/10 #1

45 Rally – Bigly
A Certain Smile – Honey Do
A Giant Dog – No Cars Go (Arcade Fire Cover)
Acid Barretts – Skyway
Adrian Prath – Rupert Station
Adwaith – Wine Time
Ahem – Sideways
Amaia – Quiero Que Vengas
Art Brut – Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too
Automatic – Signal
Baby Shakes – Cause A Scene
Bad//Dreems – Double Dreaming
Bdrmm – Shame
Beabadoobee – I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus
Bernabé – Mito Folk
Black Islands – Casa Encantada
Blue River – Sugar White Sand
Bodega – Knife On The Platter
Boy & Bear – Telescope
Caliza – Saber
Caracara – Dark Bells
Cattle – Allllllways
Class Photo – Hard Conversation
Corridor – Domino
Crocodiles – Exit My Head
Curdle – Give Me Your Phone Number
Current Affairs – Breeding Feeling
Dead Rituals – Closer
DIIV – Blankenship
Dress Code – Youth Culture
Dry Cleaning – Viking Hair
Ducks Unlimited – Get Bleak
Dyson Stringer Cloher – With My Hands
Early Morning Sky – If I See You Again
Editors – Black Gold
Ex Hex – What Kind Of Monster Are You (Slant 6 Cover)
Eyesore & The Jinx – Leisure Time
Fader – Always Suited Blue
Faraón & Los Sarcófagos – Estuve En Benidorm (Y Me Acordé De Ti)
Fascinations Grand Chorus – Can’t Let Go
Fawning – Too Late
Fern Mayo – Echo
Field Music – Only In A Man’s World
Fir Cone Children – Making Friends Is Easy
Foliage – To Tell You: I Love You
Fonosida – Clonazepan
Fountain – Freaky Star
Frankie Cosmos – Last Season’s Textures
Frustration – Some Friends
Fur – Trouble Always Finds Me
Future Silence – Kansas Plains
Georgia – Never Let You Go
Giuda – Junk
Grayling – Slow
Green Buzzard – To Be Like You
Green Sahara – Creature Of The Night
Hideout – Rose
Honeyblood – Bubble Gun
Hundredth – Iridescent
Iggy Pop – Loves Missing
Imaginary Friend – Admission
Is Modest – Disperse
Juliana Hatfield – Next To You (The Police Cover)
Just Mustard – Seven
La Bien Querida – La Fuerza (Feat. Los Planetas)
Lamee – Pillow
Las Kasettes – ¡Qué Duro Es Veranear!
Lazarus Kane – Narcissus
León Benavente – Ayer Salí
Levitation Room – 2025
Linda Guilala – Salga Bien
Lisa Prank – Ignore It
Little India – Diamonds
Liza Anne – Devotion
Locals – Dishes
Loomer – Crystal Eyes (The Nightblooms Cover)
Los Directivos – Lo Mío Y Yo
Los Punsetes – Vas Hablando Mal De Mí
Lost Film – Enough
Low Hummer – Don’t You Ever Sleep
Magic Shoppe – Candy Flip
Magnapop – Dog On The Door
Mean Jolene – Cruelty Is A Test
Miles Kane – Blame It On The Summertime
Miscalculations – Empty Outcomes
Monograms – Sounds Like Mean Spirit
Moon Duo – Eye 2 Eye
Mooon – Another State Of Mind
Mudhoney – Creeps Are Everywhere
No Vacation – Days
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – A Dream Is All I Need To Get By
Odd Robot – I Am A Cortisol Factory
Olivia’s World – Cereal Boxes
Operator Music Band – Slim Spin
Oso Oso – Wake Up Next To God
Pantano – La Cuerda
Para Fiction – No Comment
Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold – One Wrong Turn
Poppel – Listen
Pretty. – Plastic Figures
Program – Motorbike
Sarasqueta – Blanes 1996
Say Sue Me – Your Book
Sea Girls – Violet
Sean Henry – Surf Song
She/Her/Hers – Kill The Boy Band
Sheafs – Care Less
Shivery Shakes – Outside
Silent Forum – Spin
Simple Minds – For One Night Only (King Creosote Cover)
Slow Glows – Summertime
Special Friend – High Tide
Spunsugar – I Shouldn’t Care
Spyres – Otherside
Squarehead – Los Paradiso
Starcrawler – No More Pennies
Stars On Fire – Salty Kiss
Stereophonics – Bust This Town
Sub-Sahara – 10-15
Sunscreen – Think About You
Swimming Pool – Tu Carta
Swine Tax – Grand Prix
Temples – Context
Tennis Club – Ghost Cops
The Awesome Welles – Sleeping On The Edge Of Town
The Fantastic Plastics – Telephone
The Fisherman And His Soul – French Cars
The KVB – Submersion
The Menzingers – Strangers Forever
The Mountain Goats – Get High And Listen To The Cure
The Needs – Stay At Home Friend
The Ninth Wave – Imitation
The Smoggers – Your Lies
These New South Whales – In The Light Of Day
Thigh Master – Mould Lines
Tiny Stills – Everthing Is Going Great (Odd Robot Cover)
Triptides – See Her Light
Turnover – Plant Sugar
TV Party – Caroline
Underground Lovers – Seven Day Weekend
Ursula – I Don’t Mind
Van Houten – Running Scared
Vanessa Silberman – Love
Victories At Sea – Quiet House
Vision 3D – Party
Vivian Girls – Waiting In The Car
Wallows – Treacherous Doctor
Weathered Statues – Desolation
White Lies – Hurt My Heart
Wilco – Everyone Hides
Wingtips – Here And Now
Wives – Servants
Wyatt Blair – Fear To Fight
Young Guv – Caught Lookin’
Zip-Tie Handcuffs – Ghost

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