IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/07 #2

Adolescencia Basura – Friki
Alavedra – Fiebre (Bad Gyal Cover)
Aldo – Papermaze
Andreas Dorau – Identität
Anna Meredith – Paramour
Astronaut Project – Friends In The Stars
Attic Lights – Kings Of Whatever
Automatic – Too Much Money
B Boys – Instant Pace
Bacon Radars – Space Suit
Bad Heaven Ltd. – Bed
Ballerina Black – Devils Or Lilacs
Beeef – Slide
Belle And Sebastian – Sister Buddha
Bleached – Rebound City
Blushing – So Many
Body Of Light – Don’t Pretend
Bon Iver – Faith
Burning House – Her Vowel No
CFM – Greenlight
Chaqueta De Chándal – Bajón En El Masnou
Chastity Belt – Ann’s Jam
Cheap Gunslingers – Three Chords
Cine Nuria – Uber
City Calm Down – Flight
Column – II
Crushed Beaks – Sky Burial
Crystal Cities – If I Don’t Make The Morning
Da Loma – En El Festival
Damned Rivers – Pulling Punches
Die Cigaretten – Am Strand
Drab Majesty – Out Of Sequence
Dry Cleaning – Magic Of Meghan
Dude York – Should’ve
Dumb Things – Today Tonight
Duster – Interstellar Tunnel
Epic45 – Sun Memory II (Feat. Rose Berlin)
Ezra Furman – I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Fabric Bear – Waste My Time
Fleeting Joys – Evil Crop
Flying Fish Cove – No Ending
Fritz – Jan 1
Fur – Nothing (Until Something Else Comes Along)
Galants – Howling
Gauche – Dirty Jacket
Gazed – Blue
Generationals – Gatekeeper
Girl Friday – Headstones
Gliss – Broke Me
Glitterer – Two
Goon – Black Finch
Graveyard Club – Deathproof
Grayling – Cursed
Grout/Grout – Sooner Or Dumber
Hatchie – Keep
Hibou – An Hour Of Vision
Holy Now – It Will All End In Tears
Holy Tunics – Bum Tree Hill
Honey Cutt – Suburban Dream
Honeymooning – Diary
Imperial Teen – Don’t Wanna Let You Go
Jade Jackson – Wilderness
Jay Som – Tenderness
Jeanines – Too Late
Jenny Hval – Ashes To Ashes
Josy & Pony – Indécent Pur-Sang
Kevin Nichols – Long Lungs
Kyle Craft – Blackhole/Joyride
Lilith – Vacation
Lovebyrd – Getting Depressed
Lunch Lady – Window
Mal Blum – See Me
Mannequin Pussy – Patience
Mermaidens – I Might Disappear
Mick Trouble – Bloody Blighty
Mikey Erg – Hopland Superette
Minami Deutsch – Can’t Get There
Mystery Jets – Hospital Radio
Notes To Myself – Honesty
Ocean – Swim
Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones
On Video – Adversary
Oscar Scheller – 1% (Feat. Lily Allen)
Parsnip – Lift Off!
Penelope Isles – Gnarbone
Pip Blom – Tired
Pixx – Peanuts Grow Underground
Plastic Picnic – September Second
Powerplant – Hey Mr. Dogman!
Pure Mids – Everything We Wanted
Purling Hiss – Naut
Reverend And The Makers – Te Quiero Pero
Ride – Repetition
Rozwell Kid – All Outta Ways
Ryskinder – Sug Shel
Sad13 – We Used To Be Friends (The Dandy Warhols Cover)
Sam Evian – Right Down The Line
Sea Girls – Closer
Seablite – There Were Only Shadows
Shake Your Halo Down – Ulysses
Shivery Shakes – Nostalgic Loop
Slowcoaching – Between The Walls
Soft Blue Shimmer – Happier Than Mitsuru
Soft Stereo – The Chase
Sons – Waiting On My Own
Soone – Change Your Ways
Squid – The Cleaner
Static In Verona – Silent Sky
Stereo Total – Einfach Kompliziert
Strange Cages – Dance Like An Alpha Male
Surf Curse – Midnight Cowboy
Surf Friends – New Wheels
Suspect Parts – Song For Sadie
Sustains – Coronary
Swimming Tapes – Keep Her Closer
Syrup, Go On – Mantaray (Album Version)
Taffy – Inner Nerd
The Bird And The Bee – Hot For Teacher
The Great American Novel – Perpetual Emotion Machine
The Kooks – So Good Looking
The Kundalini Genie – Only Love (Liquid Technicolor)
The Laissez Fairs – We’ll Get There Someday
The Laurels – Sound System
The Menzingers – Anna
The Messthetics – Better Wings
The Murder Capital – Don’t Cling To Life
The Popguns – Carrying The Fire
The Proctors – Letters To The Girl
The Sidekicks – Ode To Jerry
The Soft Walls – Ex-King
The Ting Tings – Basement (Manchester Version)
Tijuana Panthers – Little Pamplemousse
Tohu Bohu – That’s Why We Came
Too Much – Dyslexia
Trinitat Nova – Un Cop Més
TV Party – Sweeter
Ty Segall – Radio
UV-TV – Happy
Vacation Forever – Chemical Guidance
Villagers – Summer’s Song
Waater – Honey
Waves Of Dread – The Make-Believe
Wearemarvin – Sex On TV
Wurve – Outta Controller
Young Guv – Roll With Me

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