IndieRock DJ Playlist 2019/05 #1

Absolutely Free – Currency (Feat. U.S. Girls) (Extended Mix)
Aldo – Trembling Eyelids
Angel Du$t – Let Me Know
Antifan – Descontrol
Beatcomber – Double Visions
Being Dead – Red Drive
Ben Gibbard – Me & Magdalena (The Monkees Cover)
Better Oblivion Community Center – Little Trouble
Big Heaven – Who
Big Quiet – Fields
Big Thief – UFOF
Bis – Dracula, You Broke My Heart
Black Midi – Talking Heads
Black Sand – What Do You See
Bleached – Hard To Kill
Brad Marino – No One Else Tried It
Brett – Bad Luck
Bubblegum Lemonade – Barely Regal
Бадди Психолли – Да!
Buen Chico – Every Fucking Time
Carolina Durante – El Año
Cate Le Bon – Home To You
Cayucas – Real Life
Cheap Gunslingers – Good Time
Chrissie Hynde – Caroline, No (The Beach Boys Cover)
City Calm Down – Television
Cosmonauts – Suburban Hearts
Cristina Quesada – Bailar Conmigo
Crows – Wednesday’s Child
Da Loma – De Madrid Al Suelo
Das Paradies – Eis Auf Einer Scholle
Decibelles – Je Suis Seule
Delbosque – Las Fuerzas
Doggy – Spud
Dogheart – Off Center
Dressy Bessy – Tiny Lil Robots
Dumb – Beef Hits
El Grajo – Vendrán Más Años Malos
Empath – Roses That Cry
Ex Hex – Radiate
Feet – Ad Blue
Flamingods – Paradise Drive
Fling – Welcome To The City
Foammm – Honey
Forests – You Must Be Fun At Parties
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Underneath You
Fruit Tones – I Know Where Love Comes From
Future Teens – Emotional Bachelor
Gauche – Running
Geoff Palmer – Giving In
Green Seagull – Simeon Brown
Greys – Kill Appeal
GRMLN – Half Moon Bay
Guards – Beacon
Heatwaves – Big Fan Family
Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – Fear Happy
Hierophants – Limousine
Horse Jumper Of Love – Poison
Hunny – Lula, I’m Not Mad
Idkid – Sensei Tree
Insignificant Other – I’m So Glad I Feel This Way About You
Institute – Deadlock
Jade Jackson – Bottle It Up
Japanese Breakfast – Essentially
Jesse – Tunnelovision
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – I Can Feel It
Jours – Trick
Kevin Morby – OMG Rock N Roll
Kissing Party – A Little Star
Kitty Kat Fan Club – Dreamy Little You
L7 – Stadium West
Lavender Blush – Forever
Levin Goes Lightly – Rote Lippen
Local Teen – Julia Louis Dreyfus Is a Goddamn American Legend
Locals – Talkboy
Los Punsetes – Una Persona Sospechosa
Los Retros – Someone To Spend Time With
Ludovic Alarie – Je Te Laisse Fermer Mes Yeux
Mal Blum – I Don’t Want To
Mammoth Penguins – Dick Move
Mannequin Pussy – Drunk II
Maps – Just Reflecting
Marika Hackman – I’m Not Where You Are
Mark Lanegan Band – Stitch It Up
Middle Kids – Beliefs & Prayers
Mini Mansions – Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good)
Modest Mouse – I’m Still Here
Muramatsu Tokuichi – Innocent Rain
Nah… – Primavera
Neleonard – ¿Dónde Están Los Niños?
New Myths – One Good Reason
Nicole Yun – Supernatural Babe
Nightjacket – You’re Trying Too Hard
Nine:Forty:PM – Out To Sea
No Hay Dolor – Mal, Fatal
No Suits In Miami – Only You Know How
No Vacation – Linger (The Cranberries Cover)
Normcore – Back Row Kids
Nurse – Adios
ONBC – Texarkana
Otoboke Beaver – Don’t Light My Fire
Patio Solar – Club De Magia
Paws – Joanna
Penelope Isles – Round
Perapertú – Talonario De Aquiles (2019 Version)
Personal Best – Baby
Pixx – Bitch
Planet Loser – Too Cool
Pogy & Les Kefars – Cheap Beers
Post Pink – B50 New
Potty Mouth – I Wanna
Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Lauren (Track 2)
Prism Tats – Never Been A Heartbreaker
Rebecca Lou – Take Your Time
Red Telephone – I’m Always Thinking About You
Ride – Future Love
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Read My Mind
Sad Baxter – Nothing
Sad Planets – Just Landed (Feat. J Mascis)
Saint Estrela – Grooow Up!
Sebadoh – Raging River
Sego – Give Me
Shit Girlfriend – Shit Girlfriend
Shunkan – Mornings In The Afterlife
Sidewave – Bricklayer
Slow Caves – Let Me In
Slush – Gamma
Soft Blue Shimmer – Chamoy
Soon, She Said – Track The Days
Sparkling – Champagne
Spinn – Sunshine
Spirits Having Fun – Electricity Explorer
Srta. Trueno Negro – Situaciones De Mi
Starcotics – Bloodwater
Stef Chura – They’ll Never
Σtella – Samba
Supercaan – Hang On For Winter
Swim Team – Everyday Things
Swimming Tapes – Passing Ships
Tacocat – The Joke Of Life
Tape Trash – Perfect Spring
Terry vs. Tori – Heathers
The Ballet – Love Letter
The Black Keys – Eagle Birds
The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Such A Shame
The Coathangers – Stranger Danger
The Divine Comedy – Queuejumper
The Dream Syndicate – The Way In
The Drums – Pretty Cloud
The Glücks – Bought And Paid For
The Keep Cats – Basement Dreams
The Midnight Kings – Antrona Girl
The Paranoyds – Hungry Sam
The Tough Shits – Adult Fantasy
Thick – Your Mom
Truth Club – Student Housing
Violent Femmes – Hotel Last Resort
Violet – Wilt
We Only Said – Messy Artist (Ral Partha Vogelbacher Cover)
Wild Firth – Uptown
Witching Waves – Disintegration
World Champion – Nevermind
Wy – Swedish Summer

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