IndieRock DJ Playlist 2018/07 #2

Afterpartees – Let’s Talk It Over
Ahem – The Lake
Alpaca Sports – Baby Pop
Amaya Laucirica – Under The Tide
Art Dave – A Beautiful Punkgaze
Autoramas – Ding Dong
Avid Dancer – Little Bird
Bad Shadows – Gotta Get Away
Basement Tracks – Daydreamin’
Bearwear – E.G.
Beck – I’m Waiting For The Man (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Blair Parkes – What’s Love
Bodega – Charlie
Boyhood – Drivin’
Boyracer – Tally Ho!
Braziliers – Sac A Chatons
Breathe Panel – The Time, Always
Calva Louise – Outrageous
Charles Irwin – Inner Feelings
Chastity – Heaven Hell Anywhere Else
Christine And The Queens – Doesn’t Matter (Voleur De Soleil)
Cigarettes After Sex – Sesame Syrup
Concrete Knives – Tightrope
Crash Dept – Nothing Outside
Cults – Total Control (The Motels Cover)
Dark Thoughts – Watch You Walk Away
Dilly Dally – I Feel Free
Dog Party – In Your Eyes
Don’t Worry – Who Cares (U Care)
Dott – How Do I Feel
Dumb – Barnyard
E’spaniel – Talking Shop
Echo Ladies – Apart
Elen Never Sleeps – Anna From Heaven
Elsa Lester – Somewhere
Factory Seconds – The Sleepwalkers
Fairy Godmother – Maybe
Fanclub – Leaves
Feels Fine – Leaky Garbage On The Ossington Strip Is Still Leaky Garbage
FEHM – Scarborough Warning
Fir Cone Children – 3D (Feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)
Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic
Flower Box – Blue For You
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Tea
Frankie Valet – Something To Do With A Mouth
Frontperson – Tick-Tock (Frontrunner)
Glaze – Daisy
Guided By Voices – You Own The Night
Hater – I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You
Hawk – Listen Like Thieves
Hearts And Rockets – Psychic Powers
Her’s – Harvey
Howard – Your Honor
Hunny – Rebel Red
Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting
Joywave – Blastoffff
Kakkmaddafakka – Hillside
Klammer – Spiral Girl
Krush Puppies – Petalhead
Lala Lala – Destroyer
Last Dinosaurs – Eleven
Le Villejuif Underground – Backpackers
Lights That Change – Tomorrows Door
Lonely Parade – Not Nice
Loose Tooth – You Say
Lost Echoes – I Remember
Lucy And The Rats – Melody
Madeline Kenney – Cut Me Off
Massage – Oh Boy
Mickey – Trampoline
Mike Krol – An Ambulance
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core
Muncie Girls – Falling Down
Parsnip – It Couldn’t Be True
Pastel Dream – 38Th St.
Polyester – Honey
Queen Of Jeans – U R My Guy
Reflector – Juego De Espejos
Retirement Party – Shoulder It
Rosie Thorne – Slick
Sally Dige – Sail To Me
Sapin – Gna-Gna-Gna
School Damage – Assimilate
Seventeen Years Old And Berlin Wall – Talking Eggs
Shark Tears – Tears
SIZ – To Set On Fire
Slothrust – Double Down
Soft Skies Inc – The Kickaround
Soundwire – UXb
Space Daze – Every Day I Dream
Spielbergs – Distant Star
Stephen Steinbrink – I Don’t Know How To Deal With It
Sunshine Reverberation – Tanqueray
Tanukichan – Natural
Tender Age – Isn’t Real
The Babe Rainbow – Eureka
The Black Delta Movement – Let The Rain Come
The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Nervous Man
The Chills – Complex
The Lamps – Pop Songs
The Love Language – New Amsterdam
The Love-Birds – Angela
The Night Cafe – I’m Fine
The Nude Party – Feels Alright
The Ophelias – Lunar Rover
The Pandoras – It’s Getting Harder All The Time (The Mindbenders Cover)
The Parrots – Girl
Thin Lips – Gaslight Anthem (The Song Not The Band)
Tim The Mute – Whatever Gets You Started
Tony Molina – Jasper’s Theme
Trash Boat – Old Soul
Trust Fund – Blue X
TVAM – These Are Not Your Memories
Ty Segall & White Fence – Body Behavior
Useless Youth – Expectations
Vacances – Hearts
Van Stee – Slo Mo Jazz Hands
Venusians – Farisea
Vintage Flowers – In A Sea Of You
Warmduscher – Standing On The Corner
Watoo Watoo – Modern Express
Weathers – Poser
Western Medication – I Wanna Know Where The Gold At
Wolf Girl – Toast For Dinner
Woody Murder Mystery – Interlude
Yacht Punk – A Dog Of Dogs For A Ghost
Yassassin – Citizen
Young Scum – Freak Out
Zoo Gazer – Biiiiig Elephant

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