IndieRock DJ Playlist 2016/09

A Shoreline Dream – Whirlwind
Ablebody – Gaucho
Aeroparque – Camino Sin Final
Against Me! – Crash
Angelic Milk – Some Boys Are Beautiful Girls
Audacity – Lock On The Door
Autumn Nicole – Deja Vu Romain
B-Movie – Another False Dawn
Bad Fit – Strong Forever
Beaulieu Porch – Thursday Sound Revival
Belle And Sebastian – Olympic Village, 6Am
Big Wave Riders – Crest Of A Wave
Blowout – Green Couch
Bosco Rogers – Beach! Beach! Beach!
Boys Forever – Underground
British India – I Thought We Knew Each Other
Broncho – Speed Demon
Candy – Why Won’t U
Chook Race – Sorry
Cold Pumas – Slippery Slopes
Coloured Clocks – Never Be
Communions – Eternity
Cosmonauts – A-Ok!
Cowtown – Tweak
CRX – Ways To Fake It
Dan Vapid – Take Me To The Park
Dayflower – Big Blue
Dazzletine – Culled To Bells
Dead Gaze – Wait For Nothing
Dead Vibrations – Closer Closer
Deap Vally – Gonnawanna
Death By Unga Bunga – Fight!
Descendents – Fighting Myself
Dinosaur Jr. – Good To Know
Dog Party – Enough
Doncat – Western
Dream Wife – Lolita
Earth Girls – Expensive Habits
Elephants – Lines
Fake Palms – Collar Bone
False Heads – Weigh In
Fantastic Day – Song For Madchester
Field Mouse – The Order Of Things
Fiera – Tan Agustito
Finnmark! – Cycling
Flori Li – Dennou No Samuraitachii
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Get Down
Fufanu – Sports
Get Inuit – Teriyaki
Ghost Gum – More
Gringo Star – Get Closer
Grouplove – Traumatized
Haley Bonar – Called You Queen
Happy Accidents – Running
Happy Diving – Electric Soul Unity
Hazel English – Never Going Home
Heaters – Elephant Turner
Heaven For Real – No One Knows Her
Hella Comet – Swim
His Name Is Alive – Calling All Believers
Hodges – Hikari
Holi – Serugif Depahssim
Hunck – All Dressed Up
Infante – Lunático
Inheaven – All There Is
Into It. Over It. – No Eq
Ivory Wave – Paradise
Jagwar Ma – Give Me A Reason
Jank – Grim Reefer
Jay Som – Peach Boy
Jeff Rosenstock – Wave Goodnight To Me
Jennifer – When I’m High You’re Low
John K. Samson – Postdoc Blues
Johnny Foreigner – I Can Show You The Way To Grand Central
Joyce Manor – Fake I.D.
Juvenile Juvenile – Planet Heaven
Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits Cover)
Kingdom Of The Holy Sun – Thoughts In My Mind
Kip Mcgrath – Sunburn
Kishi Bashi – Hey Big Star
Kitty Kat Fan Club – Talk About Love
Klute – Loser
L.A. Drones! – What´s Going On (Feat. Bruce Moreland)
La Femme – Tatiana
Las Kellies – Summer Breeze
Leave The Planet – Astronomy
Los Ginkas – Ambientador Emocional
Lost Boy – Goose Wazoo
Lucia Fontaine – Lose My Mind
Luxury Death – Radiator Face
Lvl Up – Hidden Driver
Mannequin Pussy – Emotional High
Marbled Eye – Coated
Massage – Crying Out Loud
Matthew And Me – Figure
Mercury Girls – Holly
Minor Victories – Cogs
Miya Folick – Pet Body
Molly Burch – Downhearted
Morning TV – Dive
Moving Units – Warsaw (Feat. Justin Pearson) (Joy Division Cover)
Mumrunner – Sputnik
Nancy – (Get The) Revvup
Neleonard – Reluces
Newmoon – Head Of Stone
Nick Waterhouse – Old Place
Nvdes – Can You Not (Demo)
Of Montreal – Les Chants De Maldoror
Oh Boland – Jane Russell
Omar Rodríguez-López – Running Away
Omni – Earrings
Orchin – One
Pain Dimension – Liar Love
Painted Zeros – Love Triangle (I Was Jolene)
Pale Spectres – D(r)iving
Personal Space – Offering
Pfarmers – Our Puram
Pixies – Tenement Song
Placebo – Jesus’ Son (Radio Edit)
Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Hundo Pos
Procedure Club – Something Was Strange
Prophets Of Rage – The Party’s Over
Psychic Ills – Another Change
Psychic TV – Alienist
Public Access T.V. – End Of An Era
Raccoon Fighter – Adderall
Las Ruinas – Necesito Saber
Salvador Tóxico – La Fiebre
Sangre – No Estoy Bien
Sat. Nite Duets – Attached To The Lamp
Savoy Motel – Sorry People
Scully – Shadow
Seafang – Summertime
Sex Stains – Land Of La La
Shaft – Meteor In Your Mind
Sheer – Room
Shit Present – Sick Of Me
Showstar – Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey Cover)
Sigh Down One – Dream Deferral
Slaves – Spit It Out
Slow Down Molasses – Moon Queen
Slowcoaches – Norms & Values
Sneaks – True Killer
So Cow – What Makes A Man Start Gorse Fires
St. Tropez – Which Side Are You On
Stephen’s Shore – Let’s Go Home
Steve Adamyk Band – If I Wanted To
Strange Cages – Bam Bam Boom
Strange Passage – Shine And Scatter
Streets Of Laredo – 99.9%
Suburban Living – Come True
Sugar Candy Mountain – Who I Am
Sunflower Bean – Life’s A Gas (T. Rex Cover)
Super Besse – Dym
Tape Waves – Nowhere
Teeth & Tongue – Dianne
Teleman – Tangerine
Terry – Moscow On The Thames
Terry Malts – Seen Everything
The Big Moon – Silent Movie Susie
The Black Delta Movement – Seven Circles
The Bongolian – Googa Mama
The Bulletproof Bomb – Millennial Moaning Generation Me
The Danger O’s – Hurry Up And Wait
The Derevolutions – Music
The Divine Comedy – How Can You Leave Me On My Own
The Fairweather Band – Domino
The Frights – Afraid Of The Dark
The In The Out – Spear
The Lad Mags – Future’s Done
The Mellowells – Melting Vibes
The Numerators – Chencho
The Regrettes – Hey Now
The Runnies – Lost On Me
The Side Eyes – Don’t Talk To Me (The Eyes Cover)
The Smoking Popes – Simmer Down
The Warlocks – We Took All The Acid
The Wedding Present – Birdsnest
Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun
Tijuana Panthers – Playing For The Old
Top Nachos – Sext
Touche Amore – Palm Dreams
Toy – I’m Still Believing
Trash – Give Up
Trashcan Sinatras – All Night
Twist – Bleached
Two Cheers – Condos
Unity Floors – Give & Take
Universe Nekoko’s And Lovely Summer Chan’s – Divine Hammer
Victory Kicks – Get Blurred
Warehouse – Simultaneous Contrasts
Wargirl – Mess Around (Song For The Man)
White – I Liked You Better When You Needed Me
Wild Meadows – Nowhere
Will Butler – Friday Night (Live)
Wing Dam – Re-Move Me
Wired Minds – Where You End I Begin
Worst Place – The Sun Changed Everything
Wyatt Blair – Monday Morning Mess
Year Of Glad – Grass
Young Scum – If You Say That
Yung – Commercial


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